Performer RAS KASS

Sonset – Ras Kass

Now I’m a rap fan who never saw Bam Rock the park In the Bronx, but I still snap skulls in the dark So can you recoginze shit is

I Ain’t Fuckin With You – Ras Kass

What? Nigga, You got problems? Nigga you don’t want no problems with me, shit Nigga you ain’t got enough calcium to have a bone to pick (coward) You little

Reelishymn – Ras Kass

Well I think I’m going out of my head Yes, I think I’m going out of my head, I think I’m, think I’m, think I’m…. Life’s a bitch then

Miami Life – Ras Kass

Miami Life, at any price, keep my pockets nice Eff the po-lice, Miami Life ain’t nuttin nice Miami Life, at any price, keep my pockets nice Eff the po-lice,

H2OProof – Ras Kass

I was lyrically Hip Hop’s top 5, before two of my niggas died Syntax a deep impact Bruce Willis couldn’t survive A strange death, since niggas wasn’t loud I’m

Ice Age – Ras Kass

Ay how come you wont gimme no pussy tonite? Aight well shake the spot then, you think you special I hear your car keys jinglin, get the

Conceited Bastard – Ras Kass

I created verb-noun??? (The most beautifullest shit) I make up like foundation, now who you facing? The waterproof emcee, Ras blessed the mic faster than Ramadan in mach 3

Ordo Abchao (Order Out Of Chaos) – Ras Kass

And naw nigga we all just can’t get along 5996 A-L The Year of Light Illuminati borner on a New World Order And a nigga fight the struggle sorta

The Evil That Men Do – Ras Kass

Psssshh, I guess niggaz don’t realize a good thing til it’s gone You know what I’m sayin man? Runnin around in these streets trickin, shit’s hard man You know?

The End – Ras Kass

is a mixture of Arabic, plug ’em in Plug ’em in Plug ’em in, plug ’em in Come to spread it The world exclusive Check it From the underground

Ghetto Fabulous – Ras Kass

Once again, we take over cash Ras Kass, Dr. Dre and Mack 10 connected. We ghetto fabulous baby. The best food, drink and pussy that money can buy. Verse

Get At Me – Ras Kass

(I reign) I reign more cop than Johnny Sippin’ tanquery with o. j. Sportin’ bruno mali Not guilty but filthy Smellin’ like Chritstian Dior Infiniti QX4, gimme

All Or Nuthin – Ras Kass

All or nuthin, stall the bluffin, won’t let the po-po arrest me Try to hit the deck to bless me But I’m still broke so I ride like Frank

Drama – Ras Kass

Verse One: Ras Kass No disrespect to the opposite sex But I ain’t flexed punani yet that’s worth my royalty checks Men be trying to get laid, women be

Grindin – Ras Kass

If you like what you see, make a movie Get ya grind on, playa haters, always lose It’s about fun, gettin money, layin in the cut We everything you

Marinatin’ – Ras Kass

We Could marinate, get nice and and stack riches (But it’s B. Y. O. B.) Bring your own bud, brew, and bitches Ain’t no set trippin’, actin’ ill and

Lapdance – Ras Kass

She had me only, almost loosin my cool Remi and Moet wit brew, shootin pool Ask me if I wanted a dance, yeah Made my way to her chair,

Etc. – Ras Kass

Pen predator Pen predator, et cetera et cetera (7X) Pen predator, et cetera, yeah right 1st Pull: Niggaz know it’s about that time without a Schoolly D Gucci I

Rasassanation – Ras Kass

What, yeah yeah 1-9-9-9, the “;Waterproof”; nigga Y’all little faggot ass niggas, you always gotta fuckin’ comment Y’all like little bitches I’ma pull your skirt up, fo’ sho You

On Earth As It Is… – Ras Kass

Verse One: Shit, I ain’t never seen an angel, virgin bitches with halos But my secular metaphysical theology is fatal Because me with a mic cable is a religious