Cool Thing – Rascal Flatts

Red wine buzz kickin’ in A little sarasota moonlight Driftwood fire burnin’ She was on break from Ohio state And I was down there sellin parasail rides Just another

Shine On – Rascal Flatts

Well I was barely nothing, a broken man But you picked up the pieces of my heart in your hand Then you came and showed to me love’s second

From Time To Time – Rascal Flatts

For all the things I didn’t say That were on my list From time to time my memory slips But you’re the one thing in my life I won’t

I Melt – Rascal Flatts

Up there on that mantle, setting the mood Well, I just lie there staring Silently preparing to love on you Well, I can feel the heat from across the

Lies & Rumors – Rascal Flatts

They say that one little lie turns into another. Then you go and cheat By the time you know it, you all wrapped up in a whole bunch of

Where You Are – Rascal Flatts

You believe like a child, in this fire runnin’ wild Oh I love how you see right to the heart of me You’re a waterfall, washing over me I’m

Oklahoma-texas Line – Rascal Flatts

That thing starts to bark his head off every time we touch Sittin’ on the porch listenin’ to the radio We sing every single song we know Even the

Ellsworth – Rascal Flatts

Nearly took the house down with it Now she’s in assisted livin’ We all knew that day would come We knew she was too gone to drive That day

Here’s To You – Rascal Flatts

Camped out all night on the sidewalk just to get tickets With their hands on the fence in the back by the buses and the limousines Just to get

Too Good Is True – Rascal Flatts

Your heart and mine The way that we connect Keeps blowing my mind There you go again, it never ends What you do to me Chorus That I have

One Good Love – Rascal Flatts

Erases all the bitter tears on a empty dance hall All those lonely nights when she never called It don’t seem so tragic after all With one good love

Waiting All My Life – Rascal Flatts

Everybody wants it Everybody’s searching for someone Been down a thousand highways I never thought would end Baby I’ve been Chorus Waiting all my life to find you Always

Stand – Rascal Flatts

Just like a picture with a broken frame Alone and helpless. Like you’ve lost your fight But you;ll be alright, you’ll be alright Chorus: ‘Cause when push comes to

I’m Moving On – Rascal Flatts

Finally content with a past I regret I’ve found you find strength in your moments of weakness For once I’m at peace with myself I’ve been burdened with blame

Feels Like Today – Rascal Flatts

With this feeling inside me that I can’t explain Like a weight that I’ve carried Has been carried away, away But I know something is coming I don’t know

Head Over Heals – Rascal Flatts

you ask me why my tongus is tied I’ve tryed to make some since of all these things I feel inside I’ve been searching for the perfect words to

Prayin’ For Daylight – Rascal Flatts

Oooo oooo oooo I’ve got the lights turned up The door is locked the bedroom TV’s on Doing the only thing that gets me through the night Since you’ve

Mayberry – Rascal Flatts

Than it did in the old days So naturally, we have more natural disasters From the strain of a fast pace Sunday was a day of rest Now, it’s

These Days – Rascal Flatts

Wow, your hair got so long Yeah, yeah I love it, I really do “Norma Jean,” ain’t that the song we’d sing In the car driving downtown Top down,

To Make Her Love Me – Rascal Flatts

Said let it be and there it was A mountain so high It broke through the sky A canyon so deep It’d bring a man to his knees Chorus: