Song Wet Me – Ray J

Time to know what you want
You constantly seek me
Climbing up and down on me
Its time to pop your knees
Lets hop in this plz
Im thirsty as can be
Your bodys got that juice
You need to come wet me baby

Verse 1
Everyday with me
Come and play with me
Hold your morals
So steadily
I cant see
Why your teasing me
When you and I both know your ready
Sort your head right here
Feels so clear
My pants they get so heavy
Just helping you
Learn you
Baby don’t you worry

Chorus x2

Verse 2
Now what is it
Gonna be
Can you start
Exciting me baby don’t you wana lay with me crazy
But seriously
How can I
Express how much
My mouth is dry
Baby won’t you come and patiently wet me

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