Performer RAZOR

Fed Up – Razor

Hang your head in shame Don’t wanna hear your name Say sorry then you do it all again Your expression tells the tale Self-sympathy prevails An asshole I could

Open Hostility – Razor

Forget the bullshit, turn up the tunes, we don’t care for what’s wrong or right Don’t be a stooge ’cause we’re not in the mood and we’re ready to

Violence Condoned – Razor

We only had forty-five minutes Before we were to start our show Our roadies had set up our gear And we were (more than) ready to go Then the

City Of Damnation – Razor

Deep within these ruins is a city full of life A growing force surpassing all the poverty and strife An underground militia taking orders from but one The right

End Of The War – Razor

Soldier, I’ve given you orders, you’ve got to be ready to fight Freedom is what we’re defending, because it’s our God given right Living a life without violence, I

I’ll Only Say It Once – Razor

I’ll only say it once, don’t ask me to repeat it Like I said before, I don’t like you Just once you met me, and you don’t wanna bet

Road Gunner – Razor

Rising power, feel the speed as I shift into high gear All alone, I own the road, I know your gates are near Hellsent, whipped with fury. death certificate

Malicious Intent – Razor

Delusions of grandeur, rebels cast aside Volcanic reverberations, power won’t subside Substantial influxations, from sources not unknown Screams for blood and violence, your circuits overblown Aggressive motivations, control your

The Game – Razor

“Good evening sports fans and welcome to what should prove to be the best game of the year. Hello everyone, I’m johnny bigmouth, welcoming you to the final game

Electric Torture – Razor

With brutal hatred, I take control The sound of devastation raw Don’t interrupt me, don’t irritate me Or I will break your fucking jaw I’m too impatient, I’m volatile

Edge Of The Razor – Razor

Whaaaaaaaaaa! The feel of the blade in my hand Violence! Violence! The power to kill any man Picking my victims and taking revenge The voices are inside my head

The Pugilist – Razor

You said I was mad, you said I’m insane You said It couldn’t be done You want me to lose, you want me to die Don’t wont me to

Mental Torture – Razor

You wanna be cool, you wanna be tough You wanna be respected, be a man So you shaved off your face, cut off your hair Then they gave you

Great White Lie – Razor

You think you’ll make it but you’re wasting your time You’d sell your sister just to have that last line You’ve got to have it you don’t care what

Sucker For Punishment – Razor

I fight the system ’cause I’m offended Know what it means to be a pawn Manipulated beyond all reason You can’t decide what’s right or wrong Absorb the pressure.

Concussion – Razor

I tell you that I’m brilliant, ’cause I know more than you I tell you I’m not arrogant, because I know it’s true I tell you I’m a sadist,

Tortured Skull – Razor

Raging vultures approaching the clearing Forbidden from cultures and ground Striking to kill with power and glory It’s pain within pleasure they’ve found Their fingertips drip with the blood

Instant Death – Razor

They told us it would never be And man kind’s race would live free Free of pain and free of war And now the sun will shine no more

Parricide – Razor

Late at night you open the door Your old man’s drunk and madder then hell Another violent conflict, you never asked for this The place that you call home

United By Hatred – Razor

Energy, you’re hit by the train A casualty of the social war Artillery, the weapons I sling Send you crashing and bleeding on the floor Arteries, implode under skin