Performer REAMONN

Picture Of Heaven – Reamonn

have it’s a picture of heaven that I stole from the dead and I’ve got something in my room gonna open it up and let the light shine through

La Trieste – Reamonn

I feel your energy my old age enemy hey what’s that you said I think of all those lies I ask the question why we did what we did

Stripped – Reamonn

youґre in control would you say Iґm just your fool have you had other men like me did they please you like I want to please Do you think

Jeanny – Reamonn

Jeanny, komm – come on Steh auf, bitte – Du wirst ganz nass Es ist schon spAt – Komm, wir mЁ№ssen weg hier Raus aus dem Wald – Verstehst

Swim – Reamonn

So I pull it in and tell myself it all works out But then again no one helps when things go wrong So I saved myself saved myself I

Life Is A Dream – Reamonn

Everytime I realise there’s something wrong when I see you The way you try to prophesise that dreams just can’t come true The times you tried to undermine my

Torn – Reamonn

of December I was thrown into a world that I remember Hated me and so I hat it too I was freed by all the rules That enslaved me

7th Son – Reamonn

This is Prodigy That was Etenity And this is Torn and Born You feel you’re coming home You feel you’re coming home This is Liberty because I say And

Saving An Angel – Reamonn

Do you feel this way? Angel, do you feel the morning dawn down on you Do you feel it too? Love is just a kiss away, love is just

Head In My Hands – Reamonn

Crouched your room It happened to soon I know Insults were thrown You think that youґd grown by now Feelings inside start to subside and grow Where are you

Waiting There For You – Reamonn

or are you running still from them or are you just mesmorised by the way it is Did you see your dream fade before your eyes are you still

Supergirl – Reamonn

Supergirl You can tell by the way She walks that she’s my girl You can tell by the way she talks she rules the world You can see in

If I Go – Reamonn

inside of you and it’s growing up as you do And I hope you see this world through my eyes But I hope you don’t see the tears I

Come And Go – Reamonn

The unknown the endeavour to achieve sex Walks into a room sees the naked stare Feels the leering eyes eyes are everywhere Thoughts that will consume every wanting fool