San Antonio Rose – Reba McEntire

Oh you and all your splendor It knows only me heart Call back my rose Rose of san antone Oh lips so sweet and tender Just like petals fallin’

Read My Mind – Reba McEntire

A penny for my thoughts you say You want to know what i could be thinking But as i speak the music starts to play And the words just

We’re So Good Together – Reba McEntire

How do two people like To meet I think about that Was the timing just right Was it that the night was so sweet I think about that Was

She’s The One Loving You Now – Reba McEntire

Chorus: She’s got what i don’t You there to lean on I wish i could get that off of my mind But i don’t know how Cause she don’t

Now You Tell Me – Reba McEntire

What a surprise Never thought i’d hear from you Whatever made you call From out of the blue What did you say I must be hearing things Things that

I’ll Give You Something To Miss – Reba McEntire

Well there’s a half moon starlit sky. All the conditions are just right. Our song’s playing on the Radio. every beat of my heart is saying just let go.

On My Own – Reba McEntire

So many times i said it was forever Said our love would always be true Somethin’ in my heart always knew I’d be lying there beside him On my

Santa Claus Is Coming Back To Town – Reba McEntire

He was always santa claus to them Every year he’d magically appear here in our den They would laugh and tease and say you look a lot like dad

Silent Night – Reba McEntire

(what’s written in sentences and not verse at the beginning is what Reba Explains at the beginning, the rest is the song) On christmas eve in 1818 A blizzard

Just Looking For Him – Reba McEntire

She can concentrate on workin’ Until her work is done She can hold a conversation As well as anyone She’ll fool you with sincerity And if you didn’t know

That Makes Two Of Us (with Jacky Ward) – Reba McEntire

So you like sunday picnics And yelling at the umpire at a baseball game Window shopping, popcorn popping Wading through the puddle in a summer rain And i’ll bet

Wrong Night – Reba McEntire

I set my mind to it. Said i wasn’t gonna do it. No how. no sir. no way. I wouldn’t give my heart up. Gonna keep my guard up.

I Was Glad To Give My Everything To You – Reba McEntire

Oh i know it’s hard for you to say it’s over Well it’s twice as hard for me to let you go Out there i hope you find a

Look At The One Who’s Been Looking At You – Reba McEntire

Aren’t you tired of looking For love you never find Aren’t you tired of playing games With 20/20 vision How is your heart so blind It’s all you wanted

And Still – Reba McEntire

Thousands of people live in this town And i had to run into him When i saw him there on that busy street Those feelings came back again There

Somebody Up There Likes Me – Reba McEntire

I can’t get used to the hustle I try to keep my actions straight I get caught in the bustle I do things i really hate Just when i

Walk On – Reba McEntire

Oh ain’t life wonderful When everything is right But sometimes wonderful Can fall apart sometimes When your troubles knock you down Pick yourself up off the ground and Chorus:

Night Life – Reba McEntire

When the evenin’ Sun goes down You can find me Hangin’ around Oh the night life Ain’t no good life But it’s my life Many people Just like me

Where You End And I Begin – Reba McEntire

I guess i’m just one of those Who believes there has to be a reason For living and breathing Every time you pull me close Something tells me there’ll

Why Not Tonight – Reba McEntire

Well pardon me but you have my attention Ever since you strolled into the room Believe me that it’s not my intention If i appear to come on too