Performer REDMAN

Tonight’s Da Nite (remix) – Redman

Word is bond, word is me Smokin mad blunts, and all the fronts and Check it out, whatcha want and Go on with slang, well get to bang, rockin

Muh-Fucka – Redman

(Motherfuckers) YO! .. What the deal muh-fucka? Chill muh-fucka LP bangs all in your hood muh-fucka My niggaz smack niggaz like Suge muh-fucka Later on, reminisce it like wood

Dr. Trevis – Redman

OK Redman, on the count of three I want you to completely forget how you did the first album Erase data number four exhibit C-Y protanium Now…

How To Roll A Blunt – Redman

Check it out Yo, 1992 begins the new wave for the blunt rollers You know what I’m sayin’? The saga of the philly blunt continues The flava’s the P-Funk

WKYA (Drop) – Redman

This is DJ Sayyyy WHAT?! on this motherfucker Comin at you live on WKYA Radio from the Brick City The weather is callin for it to be hotter than

I’ll Be Dat – Redman

Yo, y-yo.. F-U-UCCCK YOUUUUU! Yo yo yo, yo yo yo yo, fuck you! Yo yo yo yo yo fuck you! Yo, zim zeema, who got the keys to my

Tonight’s The Night – Redman

Mic check, I can get smooth to any groove Relax the tongue, let my mic take a cruise around the planet, pack em in like Janet Jackson, she’s askin

J. U. M. P. – Redman

This is the story.. of pro-zen-xanthrapus Pro-zen-ganthrapus.. Funky monkey.. nasty monkey.. gangster monkey.. Yo yo, yo, yo.. watch out!! I run New Jerz Got blood on my wifebeater

Get It Live – Redman

Get him the FUCK out and let Doc take the job I guarantee hardcore funk for three months Warranty within that three months is like pre-nups: I take half,

So Ruff – Redman

Do you feel that the blacks in your community are still mad at the racial situation? Yeah they still mad And if you don’t take that funny smirk

Can’t Wait – Redman

i’m like rowww rowww like i have cerebral palsy my flows bes wet loke all you girls draws be crack the dils spread the buddah in the hiddouse roll

Welcome (Interlude) – Redman

At 1-800-DIKINYABOOTY Welcome That’s 1-800-dick-in-ya-boo-tay!! Welcome *ringing phone is answered* Aiyyo this is Mad Duke callin from Da Bricks I’m on the block with Uncle Quilly and

Noorotic – Redman

If you need to get high, there’s a mask and shit in the overhead compartment I can’t tell y’all what the weather’s like cuz my radio’s fucked up And

Da Journee – Redman

Hahahahahahaaaa! Come with us Come take the elevator shift six billion feet beneath Where the Def Squad dwells Where your dreams and imaginations is only loose change

Redman Meets Reggie Noble – Redman

Yo, where at? Smack dab across your lips, can you talk? Ahm ahh ill uhh ahm no em no menna no vat Yo-ye-yo Redman, what the fuck was that?

Journey Throo Da Darkside – Redman

Woo-woo-wowowowooo! Lord hi-gher Could somebody, turn on, da lights Somebody, turn on, da lights *coughing* The darkside! Yessss… Verse One: Redman Guess who’s back when I bring funk like

Smash Sumthin’ – Redman

Here come the remaining beautiful people And for all of you who survive, we hope you enjoyed the ride 2002 will see some new added features Such as –

Jersey Yo! – Redman

Once upon a time up in Jersey, Yo! Ha ha, I damn near had to wreck a hoe Yo, I knocked on her do’, “;Who is it?”; Ha ha,

Watch Yo Nuggets – Redman

EPMD’s _Business as Usual_ (repeat 4X) Verse One: Erick Sermon Chill and relax, I’m back in effect Yes I’m Erick Sermon, with a brand new cassette Deaths turned spoiled,

Bobyahed2dis – Redman

And I say… right about now you are rockin with the best! Can I get a hit? *inhale* *coughing* Thank you *coughing* What you’re about to experience is a