Song Alternative, Baby – Reel Big Fish

And I don’t know just what you’re sayin’,
But you’re my hero… whoa
And a guy just kicked me in the head,
A little girl just passed out dead,
I’m in between a big jock and a sweaty skinhead
But I love you whatever that means…
But I don’t wanna talk to you,
‘Cause I know I’d just say some thing stupid
And I know you’ve got better things to do
Hey, little alternative girl
Don’t you wanna be my friend?
You know I’m singin’ all my songs to you
It’s all right if you don’t understand
Maybe I shouldn’t be so serious,
Tellin’ you that everything sucks
‘Cause I don’t wanna bring you down
But it never ever works out right,
I’m gonna lose, give up the fight,
I won’t get what I want won’t get anything
But I love you…whatever that means

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