Pop Porn – Regurgitator

with my ‘ah yo bitch suck my dick ho’ drone i like the pop porn with that gat drawn i’m a dick machine and i’m switched on i’m a

Freshmint! – Regurgitator

i don’t want to stop we’re goin’ to the top there’s nothing stopping us now we’re not going to lose and yeah we’ve got all the moves just keep

I Will Lick Your Arsehole – Regurgitator

and when i get myself a mic you won’t want to be around i’m off like a note in karen’s ‘day tripper’ i’m faking all my lines like that

I Love Tommy Mottola – Regurgitator

i was born on a sunday sucked my thumbs on a monday i got done on a tuesday whoa… oh oh don’t you know that we’d be so good

Black Bugs – Regurgitator

and then although to myself it doesn’t mean too much i keep dying and dying over and over again and now i feel i’m alive so i’ll just pretend

Miffy’s Simplicity – Regurgitator

i’m so excited that i tingle inside she picks me up in that long white car we go a-camping and we count all the stars she drives a cammy

Strange Human Being – Regurgitator

and when you get out you’ll be doing your time it’s an easy face for a pretty place and if you play by the rules you’ll be king of

Blubber Boy (riding The Wave Of Fashion Mix) – Regurgitator

looking like your love drowned in the sea i’m fishing in the sun i’m melting rub me on your cunt i’ll come back again i’m your blubber boy you

The Lonely Guy – Regurgitator

but i don’t even know your name now all i’ve got is memories i think of how it used to be your head upon my pillow case i still

I Sucked A Lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am – Regurgitator

i only want to be the best that i can my mouth is stained i can’t complain i keep on rinsing it again and again whoa-oh whoa whoa yeah-eah-eah-eah

The World Of Sleaze – Regurgitator

welcome to the world of sleaze pretty baby, we’ve got everything you need you’ll fit in it’s such a breeze, pretty baby happy living on your knees cos there’s

Polyestergirl – Regurgitator

and all i want you to do is stare at the wall i love your plastic hair and plastic eyes marvel at your plastic breasts and plastic thighs my

I Piss Alone – Regurgitator

i don’t want nobody to know that i don’t have the pressure of some of the other boys they make a noise, it scares me so i piss alone,

Kong Foo Sing – Regurgitator

with good fortune that it brings so quit your moping and crack one open smiles abound the cookie has spoken ah the kong foo sing yeah the kong foo

Blubber Boy – Regurgitator

i look like your love drowned in the sea i’m fishing in the sun i’m melting rub me on your cunt i’ll come back again i’m your blubber boy

Social Disaster – Regurgitator

used to feel alone cos i didn’t get plastered but i’m past it though i still ask it: how long is this shit going to last? it doesn’t get

! The Song Formerly Known As – Regurgitator

i don’t go to parties baby cos people tend to freak me out watch their lips you can work it out i can hear the words but i still

7’10” – Regurgitator

built like a bull then full of shit and proud of it i like to get funny with my 8 foot buddies we spend money till our dicks get

Couldn’t Do It (happy Shopper Mix) – Regurgitator

stand my head juggle three alley cats take out the king kong still feel strong unleash voodoo with the use of a chicken bat feet frogs tongue and not

Just Another Beautiful Story – Regurgitator

is a brain in a body all that i know and all i’ll ever see is the real things around me all i’ve heard is true there ain’t no