Bitch – Republica

I want a limousine, a diamond ring I want everything I wanna taste the good life I wanna sip from the golden cup I wanna drink champagne in the

Don’t You Ever – Republica

Dont’t let it push you down Out of hand get off Don’t ever think of him Don’t ever let him in He’ll go round and round and round And

Drop Dead Gorgeous – Republica

Shut up, I’m talking This time, you’ll listen But when I look at you you’re forgiven You drive, too fast and I smoke, too much and My heart, is

Bloke – Republica

You think you’re really cool, I gotta say You just don’t know what games to play You like football, and play on saturdays When the weekends gone, you go

Ready To Go – Republica

He said, saw red, went home stayed in bed all day, Your t’shirt, dish dirt, Always love the one you hurt It’s a crack, I’m back yeah standing On