Performer RHAPSODY

Holy Thunderforce – Rhapsody

Face me evil bastard, smell the hate of angels Glory, pride and bloodshed Cowards and beholders, rapers of my wisdom mix of dust and bones Go back to your

The Village Of Dwarves – Rhapsody

The dwarves of Lork are showing all their honour when you walk on the Gandor secret hill The dance for fire and wind and the stories about old kings

Dargor, Shadowlord Of The Black Mountain – Rhapsody

Not so far from the wide dragonland Where the valleys breathe the smell of dark gate Dargor is marching with the poor Airin There where dark has ruled forever

Warrior Of Ice – Rhapsody

Demons of abyss wait for my pride on wings of glory I’ll fly brave and wild I’ll stop your madness your thirst for blood to bring them peace where

Eternal Glory – Rhapsody

I see the result of their quest Skulls of old heroes lie everywhere in this mystical place Dust in their eyes, dust in my pride in this infinite journey

Symphony Of Enchanted Lands – Rhapsody

“Oh, cruel, destiny… The tears soon covered the warrior’s face and Tharos, the beloved dragon, spread his wings for the last time, happy to have found the freedom at

Lord Of The Thunder – Rhapsody

Born in the time of darkness and evil under the sign of God glory’s my mother fire’s my brother sword my only law Into the land of chaos and

The Last Winged Unicorn – Rhapsody

The seven red flames of the cave are lightning the horrible torture constricted to see he regrets to have had the life from his god Airin sheds black tears

Forest Of Unicorns – Rhapsody

Run holy beloved horse on this peaceful day through these valleys kissed by light where peace is so rare So hardy trees let me hear your words about those

Dawn Of Victory – Rhapsody

Fire is raging on the battlefield while Arwald is fighting the war of the kings The army of Dargor, the thunder, the storm… so people are calling the brave

Flames Of Revenge – Rhapsody

My princess why must I assist at your death I can’t endure this tragic pain now I close your eyes while thunder strikes the sky I cry to see

Land Of Immortals – Rhapsody

Hear the silence of the winds making your own destiny go and face the mirror of their sin Only brave hearts found the way breaking all the dragon’s spell

The Mighty Ride Of The Firellord – Rhapsody

Cruel Akron bloody bastard I now spit on you You can turn my bones to black ash but I’ll move the moon I will light your evil kingdom and

Lux Triumphans – Rhapsody

“At the court of king Chaos only blood can write its own tragedy…” Mighty warriors from the silver hills march, all led by golden winds Elves and trolls from

Emerald Sword – Rhapsody

to search for the third key to open the gates Now I’m near the altar the secret inside as legend told my beloved sun light the dragon’s eyes On

Triumph For My Magic Steel – Rhapsody

Flies to where old dragons are lying the cry for the triumph for my magic sword Burns the pride of my mighty conscience while rises the sceptre of our

Rage Of The Winter – Rhapsody

Cold is the winter snow falls down mystical lights dance in the sky to the winds of night Spell of the nature fill all my soul kiss with your

Legendary Tales – Rhapsody

And darkness covers all the land the silent river flows the jesters dance around the flame playing an ancient song A song of mighty warriors of epic bloody fights

The Bloody Rage Of The Titans – Rhapsody

Between my trees the unicorn runs from the highest mountains the water falls Flowers and plants now caress my eyes along these holy valleys kissed by light And I

The Dark Tower Of Abyss – Rhapsody

Mighty Tharos cross the line of hell it’s so near Lost in the shadow I search for my sun Fly and face it before the new moon there where