Take Me To Your Heart – Rick Astley

Are we lovers Or only just friends Come tomorrow Will I be lonely again When you see me Is it love in your eyes What you feeling Deep down

Enough Love – Rick Astley

Not so long ago my life was oh so easy I did what I want, said what I want I did what I want, said what I want Not

Wanna Believe You – Rick Astley

I Wanna Believe You When You Say, That Love Is Here I Wanna Believe You When You Say, Good Times Are Near Tonight I Wanna Believe You When You

Hopelessly – Rick Astley

I walk the wire every night I can’t decide between wrong and right I’ve lost control over the thing I do Cos I’m hopelessly falling in love with you

Let’s Go Out Tonight – Rick Astley

Hanging On A Word, Every Little Word Look At You Staring Out The Window, For A Different Point Of View What Should We Do Nothings Changed Everything’s The Same,

It Would Take A Strong Strong Man – Rick Astley

My heart starts breaking When I think of making A plan to let you go I keep thinking maybe tomorrow I’m gonna let you know But I when I

Really Got A Problem – Rick Astley

Here we are Riding high We’ve some so far We can touch the sky So why can’t we live together Can’t we be friends Why must we fight our

This Must Be Heaven – Rick Astley

When I was much younger It used to happen every night I had a dream about a city dressed in lights And there were friends of mine I saw

Hold Me In Your Arms – Rick Astley

We’ve been trying for a long time To say what we want to say But feelings don’t come easy To express in a simple way But we all have

Remember The Days – Rick Astley

Someone called me just the other day I thought it was you, but my hopes were washed away I picked up the telephone, it sent a shiver down my

Full Of You – Rick Astley

They Contain Memories And So Much More Black And White Photographs Faded Now But I Remember How We Laughed There’s Nothing Left For Me To Do I’ve An Empty

Body & Soul – Rick Astley

Do you ever feel like you are drowning Do you ever feel like you are going under fast Do you ever feel that you are wasted And you need

She Wants To Dance With Me – Rick Astley

She wants to dance She wants to dance with me Oh yeah (dance with me) There’s a girl I’ve been waiting to see And I really get the feeling

I’ll Never Let You Down – Rick Astley

Me, I’m just a simple guy And no matter how hard I try I may never show you how I feel You may be the woman I love I

Whenever You Need Somebody – Rick Astley

I’ll bring my love to you I’ll bring my love to you I’ve been stood up and messed around And taken for a fool But next time around I’m

Breathe – Rick Astley

They Are Still Standing And The Spaces In The Bathroom Are Incredibly Bare And It’s Better This Way And I Don’t Miss The Sunrise On The Colours Of Your

The Love Has Gone – Rick Astley

The love has gone The love has gone, will we ever be the same The feelings wrong, the joy has turned to pain Wake up beside you, and hear

Behind The Smile – Rick Astley

(Chorus) Behind the smile that I portray I am saddened every day My eyes are sore with endless nights of crying I hope that you don’t feel this way

Move Right Out – Rick Astley

She comes home in the morning light Tries to hide the secret of last night Tells a tale of working late Says the things she knows I hate Why

Giving Up On Love – Rick Astley

Giving up on love Giving up on love I was so crazy about you, everyone knew I couldn’t sleep when I found out, yeah You feel the way you