Song Lust – Rick Springfield

And I have no time to say
I am not ready for this
Insipid smile on my face and a dumb remark

I trip, slip, slide over the precipice
I got the right map baby but the wrong direction
I’m staring at the TV set trying to right this wrong
I didn’t cast my vote, it was a fixed election
Somebody tripped the switch and the light came on

Now, I can’t make it stop
I cant make it stop
I cant make it stop

It’s true and I can’t explain
Just what makes her so different

I should feel wonderful, but I don’t feel wonderful
And I don’t want to carry this weight myself
You tell me I look bad
Hey what do you mean by that
Cause I’m addicted and I can’t help myself

My wing and a prayer nose dives into the street
And they hang the “;disturbed”; sign outside my door
I twist my fingers and I shuffle my feet
My friend Dr. Robert said there is no cure
I got the right rat baby but the wrong dissection
I’m staring at the TV set trying to write this song
I didn’t seek this mountain or this insurrection
I just entered somewhere beautiful I don’t belong

I can’t make it stop

kill me baby figure
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