Song Mr. Songwriter – Rick Springfield

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Write a song today
Sing to my baby
Who is going away

She is leaving on the evening plane
To where I don’t know
Give me a song so sad that
She won’t want to go

Now I am a songwriter
And I heard what you said
I’m going to write a song for you
Although love is dead

I know just how you feel and
Still I have to say
That if it doesn’t make her stop then
Then I just turn away

I write the words
Make her cry
Make her sigh
Melody to make her see
Tomorrow but tomorrow she’ll be gone

Hey Mr. Songwriter
Tell me what to do
She’s gone away and left me now
For somebody new

I thought I could change her mind
But maybe I was wrong
Hurry up and wet your pen

my dying bride she' s the dark lyrics
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