Hidden Zit – Righteous Pigs

I know if I squeeze it I’m gonna regret It if gets real big I’ll be upset It’s gonna be huge wanna bet I just tried to pop it,

Crack Under Pressure – Righteous Pigs

Dreading to carry on Tension blocks your path Holding yourself back Trying to cope You’re so closed-in Corroded When the smoke clears Your outside world Decomposing Trying to think

Celibate Tease – Righteous Pigs

You tell me you wanna bone You tell me you have a lot of sex Take a chance what the heck And I get you in my bed I

Overdose – Righteous Pigs

And I am the king The king of this castle And this castle is this world The whole fucken world Is my playground I can do as I wish

Stress Related – Righteous Pigs

Filled with stress Strung with burden You are plagued Endless tension Endless strain Destroys yourself To concentrate Much in life is – stress related Running into problems – irritated

Fly The Friendly Skies – Righteous Pigs

Scorched and water soaked Ruined, wrecked and ravished Crumpled burnt and shattered Bent out of proportion Crushed into contortion Smashed and left in pieces Nothing left in fact Casuality

Destined To Rot – Righteous Pigs

You know you’re about the next to die They put you in dirty white sheet And bury you under six feet deep Everything goes well about a week Until

Boundaries Unknown – Righteous Pigs

Should be to see The life around us That there must be There’s gotta be A better place With all the light In outer space Boundaries unknown Boundaries unknown

Just Friend – Righteous Pigs

You tell me your problems but don’t listen to mine This happens to me all the time Being just friends isn’t worth a dime This happens to me again

Incontinent – Righteous Pigs

When you were younger You snorted cake and freebased too Didn’t think what you were doing to your heart Now it’s over time to depart You get high blood