Bodily Dismemberment – Rigor Mortis

It’s too bad that you never heard my fetish is a crime There’s no need to worry bitch, just lay there and relax And as you reach your climax

Freaks – Rigor Mortis

The disfigured bodies and limbs You cringe at the sickening sight The freaks are accepting you in Hide your disgust as they greet you They cannot help their misfortune

Chained In The Attic – Rigor Mortis

Father hates the sight of me – I’m an oddity! I’m the ugly hidden son kept away from everyone Captive in a private cell – acrimony swells! Locked in

City In Fear – Rigor Mortis

Watching your every move Driven by madness a voice in his head Telling him what he must do Watching and waiting for his chance to strike Another to add

Worms Of The Earth – Rigor Mortis

Clawing their way from the grave They’re dead but they live and they hunger And it’s fresh human flesh that they crave The corpses of long dead and rotten

The Haunted – Rigor Mortis

Stands a house black as sin All who have been there are dead or insane Shocking things lurk within All fear the house where the haunted are dwelling! Horrible

Mummified – Rigor Mortis

Crypt of darkness silent abyss eternal unrest Entombed in this place the light of day can’t penetrate Exhumed to discover the deathless remains waiting under Frozen forever the faces

Asphyxia – Rigor Mortis

The room is spinning backwards and I cannot seem to catch my breath My life flashes before my eyes I realize I’m gonna choke to death Chorus: Asphyxia I

Sog – Rigor Mortis

Called forth by the weakness of your race His one desire is to kill Sog is the ender of your disgrace The dead shall rise at his command To

The Rack – Rigor Mortis

Locked down in this cold wet place For good or bad it has been used Many have died to pay their dues Made from wood and chains of steel