Performer RIVER ROAD

Only Young Once – River Road

Cruisin’ with my buddies on a Saturday night Pushin’ things a little too far My foot’s a little heavy on this candy-red Chevy I’m lookin’ for a party to

A Day In The Life – River Road

I’m up and out the door before the sun comes up Spillin’ coffee, banging gears in my pickup truck Racing every red light, getting to the jobsite Bossman hollerin’,

Nickajack – River Road

It was a hot June morning on the intersate She was flaggin’ me down, I was 20 mintues late She was broke down, north bound, Georgia line I pulled

She Gets To Me – River Road

When the world gets too confusing And all my dreams seem out of reach Only questions, no solutions And no way out that I can see I stand there

I Broke It, I’ll Fix It – River Road

I’ve always been the kind of man Who admits when he is wrong And I’ll do anything To make it right Even If it takes forever To put it

As If You Didn’t Know – River Road

Everytime we’re alone like this There’s so much I want to say But we both know what we’re feelin’ Words just get in the way But tonight I want

Tears To The Tide – River Road

I can’t believe I let you take me down again To the cold dark water A sea of lies, and I let myself fall in And I can’t swim

Somebody Will – River Road

Brother I’m the keeper of the gate of fools And lately I’ve been seein’ way to much of you Everytime I look you’re coming round again I think I

Listen To Her Tears – River Road

When She looks the other way She doesn’t want to say what’s on her mind Don’t try to talk to her Cause no words can heal the hurt she