Eternity – Robbie Williams

They don’t need to see you cry I can’t promise I will heal you But if you want to I will try To sing this summer serenade The past

Spread Your Wings – Robbie Williams

She was the girl with the acid stare I saw her at the place You knows she knows you know How she shakes When she jacks her body To

Hot Fudge – Robbie Williams

Queen Bitch – eat the rich I’m on the second course today. I’m not the first And I won’t be the worst You done most of LA. Can’t find

Stalker’s Day Off – Robbie Williams

I know you have doubts I hear when you shout Cos I understand you see I was concerned when you’re sad You’d rather wake up dead to spend a

Rock DJ – Robbie Williams

Kickin’ with your torso Boys getting high And the girls even more so Wave your hands if you’re not with the man Can I kick it (yes you can)

Let Me Entertain You – Robbie Williams

There’s nothing left for you to fear Shake your arse come over here Now scream I’m a burning effigy Of everything I used to be You’re my rock of

Well Did You Evah (with Jon Lovitz) – Robbie Williams

The coast of Maine just got caught in a hurricane? Well did you evah? What a swell party this is! Have you heard that poor dear Blanche got run

The Actor – Robbie Williams

Principal actors to the stage please, Act One is about to begin in 8 seconds. First you can’t act, now you can’t stop, (What’s my motivation?) I

Lovelight – Robbie Williams

to keep from goin under? now you’re making holes in my heart and yes it’s starting to show i’ve been holding back is it any wonder? since you walked

Old Before I Die – Robbie Williams

I should never have been She’s showin’ me faces I should never have seen Well these are strange days we’re livin’ in today Cйst la vie I say I

The Road To Mandalay – Robbie Williams

Pick me up on the beach What a lovely holiday, there’s nothing funny left to say This sombre song won’t drain the sun But it won’t shine until it’s

I Will Talk, Hollywood Will Listen – Robbie Williams

The they knew my name in every home Kevin Spacey would call on the phone But I’d be too busy Come back to the old ville and dine Cameron

Things (with Jane Horrocks) – Robbie Williams

Starin’ at the lonely avenue (avenue) Watching lovers holdin’ hand ‘n’ laughin’ (laughin’) And thinkin’ ’bout the things we used to do CHORUS (Thinkin’ of things) Like a walk

Supreme – Robbie Williams

All the lonely hearts in London Caught a plane and flew away And all the best women are married All the handsome men are gay You feel deprived Yeah

One Of God’s Better People – Robbie Williams

And you don’t know That’s why you’re special And I cry so I can talk like this From my downbeat existence And I know that you can make my

Please Don’t Die – Robbie Williams

Please don’t wake me Nothing’s Sacred And no one saved me In my Black eye I can feel her Moving Closer Cant you hear her Only gift you gave

Rudebox – Robbie Williams

Ok then back to basics grab your shell toes and your fat laces A little hand clap for some funk faces and make your body move in the following

Clean – Robbie Williams

When crazy days would start with wine And now I tow a different line I stay in bed and use my loaf instead f my bread And stroll on

Ain’t That A Kick In The Head – Robbie Williams

I kissed her and she kissed me Like the fella once said, “Ain’t that a kick in the head?” The room was completely black, I hugged her and she

Summertime – Robbie Williams

This is how I pray for the summer Got my my glass of shandy Now I feel fine This is how I pray in the summer If the more