Stone Cold – Robert Palmer

Hey hey take it from me she’s a masterpiece She ought to have her own show Oh stone cold Hey hey take it from me she’s a masterpiece Stone

Which Of Us Is The Fool – Robert Palmer

She says that love can turn friends into fools Make ‘ em easy prey Well I feel like bending her rules I don’t want to deceive her Want to

I Choose You – Robert Palmer

I choose you When love comes along you go with the flow You should trust your feelings on it When you get hit by the arrow you’ll know Cupid’s

Johnny And Mary – Robert Palmer

JohnnyЎЇs always running around Trying to find certainty He needs all the world to confirm That he ainЎЇt lonely Mary counts the walls Knows he tires easily Johnny thinks

Back In My Arms – Robert Palmer

Back here baby Back in my arms girl You ain’t got no reason to act like a stanger to me Back here baby Things are changing for the better

What Can You Bring Me – Robert Palmer

When your lovin’ is gone And you can’t carry on What can you bring me When there ain’t nobody else And you can’t help yourself What can you bring

River Boat – Robert Palmer

Time dies tryin’ to fly by Got a grain of love in my eye And if I??????? Tryin’ to beat each other if they can But that river boat

Through It All There’s You – Robert Palmer

You know the future will soon be past Climb on first, get off last I’m trying to push my stake to my hips Where I’ll feel the benefit Through

You Really Go Me – Robert Palmer

Girl you really got me going You got me so I don’t know what I’m doing Yeah you really got me now You got me so I can’t sleep

Work To Make It Work (in Album R&B) – Robert Palmer

Push it along Work work work to make it work Push it along Work work work to make it work Push it along Work work work if you want

Mean Old World – Robert Palmer

Look around, my brother There’s a world at your command You’d realize it If you’d only lift your head up from your hands Sail away from your troubles Free

Sulky Girl – Robert Palmer

Go tell your sister about it Go tell your brother the same Bet they’ll only look at you sideways And call you insane DonЎЇt tell your mama about it

Love Stop – Robert Palmer

They were doing all right They were doing o. k. There were still questions At the end of the day Oh, but when they found out All they wanted

How Much Fun – Robert Palmer

You make me feel like I don’t need another Come on baby let’s pull back the covers And do our best to help one another Find out how much

From A Whisper To A Scream – Robert Palmer

From a whisper in the wind To a loud scream The message came That I’d lost you To the warmth of another man I’ve seen more tears fall from

Remember To Remember – Robert Palmer

No haste, no pause, no rest Girl remember to remember Love wont take second best Remember to remember Heartache and pain wont last like your old habits do Catch

Come Over – Robert Palmer

Ah you pull and push me You never try to rush me You make it easy to give it up You make it hard to get enough You make

Give Me An Inch – Robert Palmer

Give me an inch, girl Give me an inch, girl Give me an inch, girl Give me an inch, girl My eyes show me more than IЎЇve seen But

Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) – Robert Palmer

Whooaaaaa The hot summer night fell like a net I’ve got to find my baby yet I need you to soothe my head Turn my blue heart to red

Fine Time – Robert Palmer

That’s ok, one, two, one, two, three, four This a fine time to tell me That you want to stay here This is a fine time, for you to