She Said – Robert Plant

Women in houses, I can’t deal with their heat. they seek salvation, I’m not sure if it’s theirs anymore… … my treasures, my… to be own I not quite

Trouble Your Money – Robert Plant

When I woke up wet With the moon in my eyes Just the same old dream Like the one before But this time I thought you were there for

Big Love – Robert Plant

Tell me what you think, we’ll tear it apart. Said how about 4,000 miles, and 21 years Do ya think that’s enough for a start. I’m up to

Other Arms – Robert Plant

Oh, now baby let me sleep at night Lay down your arms Baby, oh, I’ll make everything all right Words you been using Hurtin’ me so Some day your

Sixes and Sevens – Robert Plant

Old ground standing in the way And I don’t know why So here I am making changes Alterations to my house of cards But I don’t hold new arrangements

Burning Down One Side – Robert Plant

caught short in transit with my love jumped up, fell back, cut off from romance, How could I fall without a shove Tip-toed like thunder on my feelings you

Doo Do A Do Doo – Robert Plant

Shake it baby, shake it baby Nobody can do the bop, like you do Nobody can do the burn, like you do Nobody can do the jerk, like you

Ship Of Fools – Robert Plant

And stranger still my self control I can’t rely on anymore New tides surprise my world it’s changing Within this frame an ocean swells Behind this smile I know

Greatest Gift – Robert Plant

Every place I go, she is on my mind I would give the world, my soul, to discover Send me just a sign angel on my mind And if

Too Loud – Robert Plant

Just when you didn’t want it it’s coming through the wall Sneakin’ in the bathroom battering your nose Creaping in the Johnny when you thought it didn’t know ‘Cause

The Way I Feel – Robert Plant

I’m just a little nervous – it’s something to do with the way I feel Mm, the way I feel, with the way I feel Trouble understanding, nothing too

Watching You – Robert Plant

Come over the mountains come over the sea Mm, should my darkness prevail Ooh, does your memory fail Oh love on the wing, carry my prayer Cherish this moment

Tall Cool One – Robert Plant

I’ve got a fire in my eyes, got a date with delight Some kinda moanin’ in in the heart of the storm Ooh, I’m gonna love you so hard,

Walking Towards Paradise – Robert Plant

Love, desire Oh make sweet love last This one we’ll sing now Soon you’ll finally see All this mystery Oh, wouldn’t it be nice Ooh, wouldn’t it be nice

Calling To You – Robert Plant

oh Somewhere past last farewell That ever will be It’s callin’ to you, callin’ to you, callin’ to you-ou It’s callin’ to you, callin’ to you, callin’ to you-ou-ou

Great Spirit – Robert Plant

Who has chased away the moonbeams? Who has pulled a blanket across the sky? Who will sing in celebration Throughout this land that’s bound to die? Oh – that’s

Thru With The Twostep – Robert Plant

Once for the money But I’m, through with the show An’ move with me gently, Oh so slow Hold me and maybe, oh, We’ll never let go Never let

Like I’ve Never Been Gone – Robert Plant

When the rain stops falling down I’ll be waiting for you, baby when your time has come And your face no longer frowns I caught a taste of springtime

Why – Robert Plant

Oh, he ain’t telling you why But she knows Yeah she knows Oh, the thunder is roaring Oh-oh, h-ear his wings in the sky And he knows She don’t

Pledge Pin – Robert Plant

hearts in tow it’s just a game she’s only having fun she laughs and turns away surprised she mocks it all the same tonight’s the loss tomorrow’s gain and