Lou’s Got The Flu – Roger Miller

Too bad the bad can’t be like the good, But everything changes a little and it should, Good ain’t forever and bad ain’t for good And Lou’s got the

The Opera Ain’t Over Till The Fat Lady Sings – Roger Miller

‘Cos I know that Faust is slow I can’t hum Riggoletto But since you took off I think you ought to know That I’ll keep crawlin’ long as birds

Atta Boy Girl – Roger Miller

That a-way to break my heart Atta boy girl Atta way to tear me apart Yeah, you know how to do just what To make me mad enough to

The Hat – Roger Miller

Where’d you get a lid like that If I told you why would you tell me where I could find a hat like that Hey old chap where’d you

Vance – Roger Miller

He was born one mornin’ It was cold and it was snowin’ And from the start he never had a chance And though the doctors said he couldn’t live

I Know Who It Is – Roger Miller

I know who it is and IЎЇm gonna tell on Him Somebody gave His all for me I know who it is and IЎЇm gonna tell on Him Way

Pardon This Coffin – Roger Miller

Pardon this coffin, my brother just died Now don’t you give me no ornary look or I’ll knock you down I’m taking this coffin, putting it six foot down

That’s Why I Love You Like I Do – Roger Miller

He loved her very much, in fact he loved her so much that he CouldnЎЇt seem to find the exact words to tell her exactly how much he did

All Fall Down – Roger Miller

Our family wasn’t poor but rich instead I took to the road instead of staying home to help And that dream just withered up inside my head All fall

Qua La Linta – Roger Miller

The old one speaks wisdom and the young comprehends The ladies come later and life takes a turn And the boy starts forgetting everything that heЎЇs learned Singing qua

Jody And The Kid – Roger Miller

On my way down to the river Waiting patient by the chinaberry tree With her feet already dusty From the pathway to the levee And her little blue jeans

Best Of All Possible Worlds – Roger Miller

And kill that old familiar pain weaving through my tangled brain But when I tipped my bottle back I smacked into a cop I didn’t see That policeman said

Got 2 Again – Roger Miller

now what IЎЇll do is have a volunteer give me a number and IЎЇll take that number and make a verse for a song out it Now if someone

Darby’s Castle – Roger Miller

Like an echo of an age long forgotten; There’s a story of a home crushed beneath those blackened stones And the roof which fell before the beams were rotten

Stephen Foster – Roger Miller

and my horse broke down, do-dah, do-dah Blacksmith lived on the other side of town Oh do-dah day Well I’m gwan to run all night Yes I’m gwan to

As Long As There’s A Shadow – Roger Miller

As long as there’s a valley then the river can flow free As long as there’s a sun there’s a shadow As long as there’s a shadow there’s a

Chug-A-Lug – Roger Miller

Makes you wanna holler “;hi-dee-ho!”; Burns your tummy, don’t ya know Chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug Grape wine in a mason jar Homemade and brought to school By a friend of mine

Billy Bayou – Roger Miller

A Louisiana couple had a redheaded son No name suited him, Jim, Jack or Joe So they just called him Billy Bayou Billy, Billy Bayou, watch where you go

I Ain’t Gonna Work No More – Roger Miller

I ain’t gonna work no more Every day’s gonna be my day off I ain’t gonna work no more Oh I’m tired of bein’ just one of the bunch

I’d Come Back To Me – Roger Miller

Boy wouldnЎЇt things be crazy But maybe then youЎЇd come around some time If steamships flew the skyways, and honey wasnЎЇt made by the bee If black was blue,