Late Home Tonight, Part I – Roger Waters

A farmer’s wife in Oxfordshire Glances all the clock it’s nearly time for tea She doesn’t see The phantom in the hedgerow dip its wings Doesn’t hear the engine

Radio Waves – Roger Waters

He hears radio waves, Radio waves, The atmosphere is thin and cold The yellow sun is getting old The ozone overflows with radio waves AM, FM whether and news

That Powers That Be – Roger Waters

They like a tough game No rules Some you win, some you lose Competition’s good for you They’re dying to be free They’re the powers that be They like

Sunset Strip – Roger Waters

And i like playing with his great dane But I don’t fit I feel alien and strange, Kinda outa range I like riding in my Uncle’s car Down to

Me Or Him – Roger Waters

Wonder why the sun makes the rocks feel hot Draw on the walls, eat, get laid Back in the good old days Then some damn fool invents the wheel

What God Wants, Part I – Roger Waters

What God wants God gets The kid in the corner looked at the priest And fingered his pale blue Japanese guitar The priest said God wants goodness God wants

Perfect Sense, Part I – Roger Waters

And he stared at the broken bone in his hand And the strains Viennese quartet Rang out across the land The monkey looked up at the stars And he

Home – Roger Waters

Californian Weirdo: Sole has no eyes. Could be Jerusalem, or could be Cairo Could be Berlin, or could be Prague Could be Moscow, could be New York Could be

The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range – Roger Waters

To squeeze off a shot You’re good fun at parties You wear the right masks You’re old but you still Like a laugh in the locker room You can’t

Four Minutes – Roger Waters

Jim: O. K. Billy: They pressed the button, Jim. Jim: They pressed the button Billy, what button? Billy: The big red one. Jim: You mean _t_h_e_ button? Billy: Goodbye,

Perfect Sense, Part Ii – Roger Waters

It all makes perfect sense Expressed in dollars and cents Pounds shillings and pence Can’t you see It all makes perfect sense Little black soul departs in perfect focus

Who Needs Information – Roger Waters

Looking for fun Supping ale in the moonlight Waiting for the dawn to come Benny pointed at a HiFi shop He said hey man look at all the stuff