Performer ROLL DEEP

Remember the Days – Roll Deep

Back in the day when i was a teenager, me jet n joe used to play with danger i remember when danny mo’catee was a stranger boiz in bitteez

Wen I’m Ere – Roll Deep

It was bate who was gonna be here, (eeeee heeeee) Roll Deep is the name, and were up for awards all year, (eeeee heeeee) Wen u get here haters

Good Girl – Roll Deep

I noticed all the qualities when it was too late My name too bate And people chat my name I couldn’t hide it It was fate so she bound

Show You – Roll Deep

(Not feeling, Not Not feeling, Not Not feeling feeling feeling) Verse 1 – Breeze Went the long way, no, took the wrong way, Flopped and dropped out of college

Heat Up – Roll Deep

Heat Up, Heat Up Jet Le, Wiley, Breeze gonna eat the beat up Scratchy’s on the beat let us eat the beat up Let’s get the boys that are

The Avenue – Roll Deep

I’ve found a place to live I got it the hard way A permanent address to give I got it for always Nobody can tear me loose (Yo! Eski

Shake A Leg – Roll Deep

for william tecqwyn!) Wiley – (Eski boy, shake a leg, shake a leg) Oi! Dan! Wot you call this? Why have you got me spittin on this? I dont

People Don’t Know – Roll Deep

oohooh ooooh ooh oohooh oohooh do it how we do it, (how we do it how we flow) Eski Boi! Confident with the flow! Wiley: im coming from a