Tearing – Rollins Band

Is tearing me apart And the way I make you feel Is tearing you apart And the things we’re doing to each other Is tearing us apart Look at

Spilling Over The Side – Rollins Band

I can’t believe the things I said to you hey, I must have been out of my mine Desperation crept in from all the things I kept in I

Followed Around – Rollins Band

I’m being followed around again, around and around again I’m being followed around again, around and around again I’m being followed around again, around and around again Finding myself

Saying Good-Bye Again – Rollins Band

someone I know is now someone I knew I can’t believe it happened again Another mound Another one down Pounded by a lion into the ground My disgust has

Icon – Rollins Band

lyrical visionary caught in the spotlight the more you make the more you get it right, right? oh nothing can stop you and no one can bring you down

Fool – Rollins Band

my friend said. man, she’ll give you the blues so man.. don’t get caught but I went right ahead and told myself a pack of lies and spend night

Turned Inside Out – Rollins Band

Turned inside out for all to see Touch this, feel this See yourself, see the monster Feel the beast Laugh, laugh, laugh out loud Say Freak, freak, freak, freak,

Grip – Rollins Band

Be me – Put my eyes in your face Maybe then you’ll see why this place terrifies me And why I’ve got to get myself away So hard to

Shine – Rollins Band

and if I took the time to bleed from all the tiny little arrows shot my way, I wouldn’t be here! the ones who don’t do anything are always

Low Self Opinion – Rollins Band

I see you standing all by yourself Unable to express the pain of your distress You withdraw deeper inside You alienate yourself And everybody else They wonder what’s on

All I Want – Rollins Band

all I see are visions of you and when I open my eyes your absence pulls me down and I try to but I can’t shake myself loose I

You Didn’t Need – Rollins Band

You pulled me in and you locked me out You ripped your feelings right across my back You didn’t see that I was bleeding You turned away when I

The End Of Something – Rollins Band

And If I saw your body burning in the street, I’d put you out with gasoline And when the garbage pile up past my knees, and the rats running

Almost Real – Rollins Band

Saw men lying broken Shattered at the bottom of your well You took their simple affection Turned it into bad infection Sent them packing straight to hell I see

Out There – Rollins Band

Feeling like someone just ripped your heart out and replaced it with a stone Wandering as somewhere someone out there feels like you do Open your eyes to realize

Inhale Exhale – Rollins Band

Exhale ambition Inhale all need Exhale all I want Inhale love of life Exhale fear of death Inhale power Exhale force I have all I need I can’t live

Tearing (Me Apart) – Rollins Band

And the way I let you feel is tearing me apart I think as we do it, do it to eachother, it’s tearing us apart Look at you and

What Have I Got – Rollins Band

I’ve got a thoughtless mind I’ve got a wantless want I can’t unwind I’ve got a heart that hates I’ve got hands that like to break They tell me

Starve – Rollins Band

I go alone I needed sleep I go without I go along I go all night I go all night I make the colors go I push my senses

Civilized – Rollins Band

bars on my windows ’cause you got so good at crime standing on the corner with nothing in your head shirt on your back and a gun in your