Beyond The Sea – Royal Crown Revue

Somewhere beyond the sea Somewhere waitin’ for me My lover stands on golden sands And she watches the ships that go Sailin’ sailin’ Somewhere beyond the sea Somewhere watchin’

Mugzy’s Move – Royal Crown Revue

Mugzy’s in the mood for losing cat He’s gonna beat it downtown to where it’s at Hocks his axe for some cash and a mess of blues When sickness

Zip Gun Bop (reloaded) – Royal Crown Revue

(We don’t like it, we don’t like it) No dancin’ room and no saloon (We don’t like it, we don’t like it) Got the itch, gotta scratch Man there’s

Zip Gun Bop – Royal Crown Revue

Well there’s this dance, you ought to know It’s a little somethin’ I made up cats To keep your heads low See there are lots of sore gangsters Packin’

Trouble In Tinsel Town – Royal Crown Revue

Dirty neon lights, the traffic’s cry Footsteps echo on the street The cheap but lovely chicks And a sawbuck for a trick And she’ll work for a bite to

Something’s Gotta Give – Royal Crown Revue

When an irresistible force such as you Meets an old immovable object like me You can bet as sure as you live Somewhere, sometime, somehow Something’s gotta give When

I Love The Life I Live – Royal Crown Revue

I see you watching me just like a hawk I don’t mind the way you talk But if you touch me Something’s gotta give I live the life I

The Walkin’ Blues – Royal Crown Revue

Walk right in, walk right out Walk right in, walk right out Well my baby keeps on walkin’ Well I met this gal She wanted to ride in my

Friday The 13th – Royal Crown Revue

And I found myself planted outside The Cap ‘N’ Cork Tipping back the hops In order to calm my dancing hands You see I usually don’t play The tied-up

Port-AU-Prince (Travels With Bettie Page) – Royal Crown Revue

Would-be movie queen In ’47, it seemed like heaven Time to take it overseas She beat it to the island Of rum, romance and dreams But Papa Doc’s old

Barflies At The Beach – Royal Crown Revue

Let’s try something new Drag your elbows off the bar Move your can from the old barstool There’s a place called the ocean Probably heard about in school Well,

The Rise And Fall Of The Great Mondello – Royal Crown Revue

Ladies and gents Your attention please Let’s look to the flying trapeze The great Mondello will take to the sky Watch him go-see him fly! Now this wonder will

Datin’ With No Dough – Royal Crown Revue

I’m fly and flash and my jive is sweet Pressed in pleat right to my feet But when it comes to cash I’m incomplete Datin’ with no dough I

Honey Child – Royal Crown Revue

Sometimes your love is just like honey So sweet and wild-so sweet and wild Sometimes your love is just like menthol So cool and nice-so cool and nice That’s

The Contender – Royal Crown Revue

I gotta get myself up off the floor My head is ringin’ Bet they think I can’t take too much more The crowd is howlin’ Like the ocean’s pounding