Performer ROYAL HUNT

Step By Step – Royal Hunt

Switch blade dance, And your friend goes down. I’m gonna hit you once and you’ll kiss the ground. It’s a sweet romance, No good and clown, Boy listen there’s

Silent Scream – Royal Hunt

White dress, torture in disguise, pointin’ flashlight right into my eyes. Sharp pain every single night – every day I fight a hopeless fight… Look, over thirty years I’ve

Tearing Down The World – Royal Hunt

Every empire was raised by the slave, Built through the ages – destroyed in a day. Solid walls your golden cage, now it’s time to turn the page. Tearin’

River Of Pain – Royal Hunt

I don’t believe in tomorrows – you’ll never change my point of view, My fears and sorrows runnin’ down my spine, I tell you. I watch my people dyin’,

Far Away – Royal Hunt

In the misty morning after darkest night, I feel the heat, I do, and I remember, Promises are broken now you’re gone. Don’t turn me down, I’m lost and

Stay Down – Royal Hunt

They have promised you the world, And left you on your own, Now all your life is built on fear, Lies and hearts of stone. And now I realize,

Message To God – Royal Hunt

The one who’s watchin’ over my shoulder – get a life! I see your arms are nailed to the cross, but your eyes are so alive. I never thought

Time – Royal Hunt

Time, how long it’s gonna lasts? I’m livin in the past and runnin’ out of time… I keep runnin’ around in circles, I keep walkin’ in the dark, I

Last Goodbye – Royal Hunt

Crime is done, I’m alone in the night. There’s no one to save, and there’s no one to fight, Now you’re gone and I’m just looking around, Chasin’ shadows

Give It Up – Royal Hunt

Give it up just let it flow, Keller’s runnin’ TV show. Razor blade in action – everything is “live”, Scandal makes a paper “hot”, You may like it, you

Making A Mess – Royal Hunt

I was raised in a faraway land, Tryin’ to be number one. Dad use to tell me – Whatever you do, never let go ’til you’re done. I was

Time Will Tell – Royal Hunt

You shut the door, you let me hang myself, You’ve turned your back on me and now I’m gone. So listen, ask yourself, can you undo what I’ve done?