Performer RUGBURNS

Your Ghost – Rugburns

But, you could not be found I felt your ghost in my room Dancing all around And I tried to talk to you But, there was no reply I

My Carphone’s On The Pill – Rugburns

Satan’s in the bagels and my toaster’s masturbating My computer has hard drive, and my disk is always floppy My Xerox has the runs and it won’t stop shitting

Pitbull – Rugburns

You could go back to school We could rent a house out in Arizona I hear they all have swimming pools I’ve been working on a hybrid fertilizer I

Old Lover’s House – Rugburns

Her car was parked next to his so I just honked my horn But I’m looking for something new Something like you And I’m wondering what I should do

Now’s Not The Right Time For Love – Rugburns

‘Cause I’m busy building an igloo in Alaska Perhaps if you had asked me last week I was redesigning China’s political system And that’s not easy With so many

Rub Somebody (The Right Way) – Rugburns

And everyone would whisper, “;Boy he sure is lucky”; He’d go to church every Sunday and have breakfast at Stuckey’s He rubbed somebody the right way And all I’m

Tree Hugger – Rugburns

If my girlfriend starts to get on my nerves I could travel really far I’d rather have a shitty meal than a shitty resume ‘Cause a totally awesome resume

Hitchhiker Joe – Rugburns

He’ll slit your throat And cut off your big toe, I tell you He’ll make you smile From ear to ear Gonna lock you in a trunk For ninety-nine

Lockjaw – Rugburns

And the clouds are filled with rain It makes me jealous how it opens up and I’m stuck inside again I’m like a sitcom polyester family Inside my T.

The Ballad Of Tommy And Marla – Rugburns

He was as burned out as a building from the riots He had a rockin’ little girfriend named Marla She was a cocktail waitress at The Pit Sometimes on

I Hate Fuckin’ Christmas – Rugburns

I hate fuckin’ christmas Seems like it’s one big “;have to do”; Seems like everybody that you meet on the street Has been singin “;halle-fuckin’-lujah”; Well, the mistletoe on

Holliston Street – Rugburns

We didn’t need much back then, just a smile And Daddy would sing And buy us ice cream And we would listen Uncle Louie would come over for dinner

Gold’s Gym Guy – Rugburns

I saw you kissing him on the Fourth of July Baby, can’t you see I got tears in my eyes? Why you going out with that Gold’s Gym guy?

You’re So Busy (La La La) – Rugburns

La la la la la La la la la la La la la la I called you twenty-seven times from Blythe While I was out on the road Your

Single Life – Rugburns

A stale glass of beer on the table by the Playboys Did you see miss March? God, she looks so young This single life, it sure is fun Well

Me And Eddie Vedder – Rugburns

Was an album by Led Zeppelin I bought it on eight track Not on CD Fades out in the middle The way an eight track’s s’posed to The way

Football Tonite (WTOP) – Rugburns

Hurry and do the dishes Bring me a beer mab’ I’ll let you go out with your other bitches Sweep up the kitchen Could you turn off the goddamn

Better Be Careful – Rugburns

‘Cause I been asking for an awful lot, and baby I better be careful what I look for ‘Cause I been looking for an awful lot, and baby I

Dirty – Rugburns

The waves are crashing fast There’s people running naked I see a nameless ass It’s soft and pink and fleshy So tender to the touch I’ll never get to

Morning Song – Rugburns

Sun comes up through the window in the morning The flowers say hello I pour cold milk on hot oatmeal Steam goes up my nose Toaster bings Microwave sings