Demonized – Running Wild

the whole world is going mad The atmosphere is going hazy, they loot the world until its dead The hell of war that rages on, the law of hate

Gods Of Iron – Running Wild

The branded victims to death A sacrifice to the gods of iron Everybody is joining the mass The blinded multitude is screaming The defenseless victim is killed Pools of

When Time Runs Out – Running Wild

Now! The age of falling The final hours of the world we see Here! Fate is calling The horror of a longtold prophecy Time! Is running short now To

Men In Black – Running Wild

You think of U. F. O.’s, saucers that rush by Photographs are taken, the public is informed You trust in veracity but they laugh at you with scorn Beware

Renegade – Running Wild

Living fast – you take it day by day One last chance – to throw it all away Mistrust is all you see in a world of hate You

Masquerade – Running Wild

Pitch and poison in their veins, they wear the evil’s mark Corruption, hate and deepest scorn they teach “Obey and work!”the holy law they preach They’ve sold your soul,

Into The Arena – Running Wild

Talk about hell They can’t live without a remission Plentiful punichment for Numerous sins Suffering their oun crurl invention Their heaven is boring Their hell’s a state joke Faith

Blazon Stone – Running Wild

Our dogged pride will never fade Born-free we’re still sailing the seven stormy seas No-one will force us to our knees Stand tight, we’ll fight the fear and pain

Straight To Hell – Running Wild

And choking fog blots out the sun The last echo is silenced New dark age has begun The count-down was final Red button ran out of control No deposits

Diabolic Force – Running Wild

Smouldering firebowls, from eternity hell’s usher howls Tonight The vault hears a fatal vow of the preacher veiled in a cowl He swears the righteous sovereign for an alliance

Resurrection – Running Wild

The fight of light & darkness put the test on you The pain of tribulation is what you’re going through Determination is on you, cause fate’s in your own

White Masque – Running Wild

The hard groaning wheels, the deep ruts they cast The coach is rushing, through the haze of the night Darkness everywhere and no White Masque in sight Hard pounding

Wheel Of Doom – Running Wild

fights the sceptic with hate Blind believers, the credulous fool, weak and delivered to fate A slave to science, prejudice-view, its constant dogma is law Caught in dumbness, no

Kiss Of Death – Running Wild

Hey Mr. Man in black, no more disguise It’s just a waste of time, we see through your lies You think you’ve ruled the world, through the endless time

Revolution – Running Wild

You say you want a revolution Well you know We all want to change the world You tell me that it’s evolution Well you know We all want to

Calico Jack – Running Wild

Cannons are losded the weapons prepared Set up more sails the distande grows They try to escape but we shan’t care Calico Jack Listen and hear my command Calico

Raise Your Fist – Running Wild

Shiny leather like a second skin, ready for their first row You want to go meet your pals, but your dad won’t let you go He’s to tally blind,

Whirlwind – Running Wild

Like powder blazed by flints The figure-head is riding high with His face right to the wind The hull that creaks in every joint is Hammering the sea Determined

Adrian (S. O. S.) – Running Wild

The vanguard of hell is coming soon Bloodstained altar, crucifix inverse The devil touched the cradle, god gets his curse Son of Satan’s coming, to free all the slaves

Hanged, Drawn, And Quartered – Running Wild

Exist beyond reasons, give up the authorities of time, Convoke in the name of god, born under the curse of inbreeding, They govern us subordinates, with fire, iron, gaol,