Fight The Fire Of Hate – Running Wild

Spreading terror, the innocent die Throwing bombs, the intention to kill Soulless slaves, no reasons, no will The evil madman has taken his toll Possessing their mind, owning their

Sinister Eyes – Running Wild

Is devouring the dark Someone must be there, it’s no fancy And no lark Footsteps trail my moves I turn around and no one’s there Phantom hands that touch

Pile Of Skulls – Running Wild

Kings and Queens More evil that it seems You lie, you cheat, you betray, you kill all the way You wade through blood in your boots of steel You

Mordor – Running Wild

Black fortress stands might and proud The shelter for the traced and tortured For the one who’s damned A dragon is watching for fortress Black knights are controlling the

Black Wings Of Death – Running Wild

The angel of death is near The ghost with cowl and the sickle Spreading terror and fear He’s taking your breath, He’s twisting your spine He poisons your soul

Black Hand Inn – Running Wild

Walks the grove, the phantom’s home Cuts down firs where men would flee Wooden beams and mortal, the timber shack is taking shape The tavern’s baptized “Black Hand Inn”

Mutiny – Running Wild

The wages are gone, can’t wait no longer I have to sign on under every flag If I want to live, I have to fag Engaged, I hit the

Wild Animal – Running Wild

There’s a demon in my eyes You say I’m praying to the dark prince The Lord of the Flies Try hard to defame me, cos your power doesn’t work

Mr. Deadhead – Running Wild

Prejudice’s your religion, your maxim’s to betray Evil and overbearing, stupid cupidity A mean and rotten racist, your fall is what I foresee Tunes of hate, dirty lies and

Rebel At Heart – Running Wild

to walk just straight in the line Big brother, so mean and so cruel, so obey and you’ll doing fine Proud you’ll be, for all the world to see

War And Peace – Running Wild

The rifles are firing, the cracking of guns break the still The march of the soldiers, no mercy, no thoughts and no will They fall one by one, their

Man On The Moon – Running Wild

Red-hot steel and thunder, fast and raging The steely arrow shoots into the night Heading for the unknown into darkness Well equiped to see the other side Hold on,

Freewind Rider – Running Wild

Its soul is running free from care Its spirit’s wild and free flowing in the wind The taste of freedom’s in the air The hooves are pounding fast, kicking

Adventure Galley – Running Wild

Addicted to the stormy sea, the sound of clashing waves Proudly they are rushing by on their breathless chase Hunting for Long Ben and Tew, to bind them down

The Privateer – Running Wild

Roaring winds are blowing, a flag appears out of the night Guns are spitting fire, the cannonball tears up the rail The vessel’s changing course, the thunderstorm blows up

Port Royal – Running Wild

An Island in the golf of Darien Sandglas, bloody heart Flying high above the scene Marooners with loaded guns Are still waiting at the quay A hungry fleet from

Billy The Kid – Running Wild

In the steps of no-man’s land Camp fire, the smell of prarie wind Men surround the blaze Drink booze recall the day Til a strangers voice rings out to

Realm Of Shades – Running Wild

From the realm of shades You see the reaper face to face Your mind is fading and your breath is going away You feel free from every sway No

The Phantom Of Black Hand Hill – Running Wild

The eerie wind is howling, a lantern light’s the only gleam The one-eyed owl is calling, hands hold tight the iron-lamp The cold is paralyzing, ponderous steps trough misty

Walpurgis Night – Running Wild

I wonder why, what’s going on here? Someone shouts “stop boy” don’t move on that way. Tonight they’re hunting for someone, for someone just like you. I see fire,