Performer RZA

Kiss Of A Black Widow – RZA

Let me tell y’all all something motherfuckers (Oh you complaining about that man?) Yeah them motherfuckers belong to us Straight up, tell all ya’ll motherfucking hoes Ya’ll motherfuckers know

My Lovin’ Is Digi – RZA

Sometimes! I find! Someone, fuckin with my pussy My money and my ride Tuck my nine inside my hoody (repeat 3X) Sometimes! I find! Chorus: Ms. Roxy

Bobby Did It (Spanish Fly) – RZA

Aiyyo, let me tell y’all niggaz somethin One thing, let me tell y’all niggaz somethin I don’t give a, flyin fuck about none of y’all niggaz out here None

Daily Routine – RZA

*Word Up!* Straight up, spread my knowledge through your projects (knowledge through) Straight up (Word up) Word up *The chief noble oble same total controller of the* *global over

Lab Drunk – RZA

Wu-Tang worldwide, Wu-Tang, Bobby Digital worldwide wordlwide, word up, all y’all crab MC’s out there Let me spark y’all like this one time Yo, I make your fragile

N. Y. C. Everything – RZA

Yo, yo, yo From the heart of Medina to the head of Fort Greene Now-Y-C/Now I see Everything Niggas who sling, Shaolin cats throw inside a bing Bobby Digital

Handwriting On The Wall – RZA

We on some Phantom of the Opera shit It’s the gothic shit As I produce the Waterproof mask You never ask the question, “;Who’s the man behind the red

Mantis – RZA

The technique, depends mainly on arm and finger strength Once you’ve that, then the next step is to learn how to pierce stone Well you might as well start

B. O. B. B. Y. – RZA

Niggaz still, makin money offa those shits Loopin the same shits for a thousand years and shit right? The B, the O, the B, the B, the Y The

Domestic Violence – RZA

You ain’t shit, your daddy ain’t shit your brother ain’t shit, your money ain’t shit your lab ain’t shit, your rings ain’t shit your gear ain’t shit, your jewels

Terrorist – RZA

Terrorist shit, terrorist shit, come and get a hold of it Tune of the Black Knight, Killarm, Killarm, Killarm Contemplate on how to run this

Holocaust (Silkworm) – RZA

(Bobby Digital), Wu-Tang Killer Bees (Its all about Bobby, I’m floatin in your galaxy) You fallin down a endless tunnel of doom reality Grahically, my killer bee family stings

Unspoken Word – RZA

Yo, yo it’s the unspoken word You not heard, get your brains open Controlled emotions freewill as the same token Keep a sword tucked sharp inside your personal We

Fuck What You Think – RZA

Yo, yo, fuck what you think Fuck what you think It’s about what you know, so fuck what you think Twenty-one and over to drink Nineteen

Project Talk – RZA

yo, what up, dunn, (yo, yo, yo) aiyyo, peace, yo, what up, dunn (word, just watching the studio got all the word on the street) what you was outside

Love Jones – RZA

Damn, I wanna hear some slow shit that’s gonna relax you You know, a nigga, knahmsayin Goin through all that shit in the streets n shit The hip-hop shit,

Airwaves – RZA

*alot of static* This is a Wu-Tang Killa Bee exclusive blast *echoing* Wake up, wake up, wake up Wu-tang, Wu-Tang, Wu-tang, Wu-Tang, Wu-tang, Wu-Tang…. Verse 1: Bobby Digital Bobby