Performer S O-D

Free Dirty Needles – S. O. D

sleeping in the dirt and piss scheming of a better way shit out of luck, he needs his fix dirty, stinky, smelly bum rotten teeth and bleeding gums lying,

King At The King / Evil Is In – S. O. D

My leather coat with painted goat is armor for my quest Blood will run into my chalice fitting for unholy deeds The cross is turned, hells unbound Fire burns

Kill The Assholes – S. O. D

I say don’t discriminate let’s increase the hate manipulating governments, the t. v. is their tool God is saying just be praying everything is cool preachers praying on their

Black War – S. O. D

except my friends and family Go and ask me bout the world, yeah I could give a fuck you want to make things right, well go ahead, just don’t

Sergeant,,D” & The S. O. D. – S. O. D

Deadly, malicious, stay out of his space He’ll rip your eyes out, don’t took the wrong way And once you meet him, there’s no time to pray He’ll rip

Shenanigans – S. O. D

All I came for was whisky and a bunch of pints I have a drink or two or three And I feel like I’m on TV ‘Cause some girl

Monkeys Rule – S. O. D

who the hell put you in charge, you only make mistakes blow it up and tear it down then let the apes start over? why don’t someone speak for

Make Room, Make Room – S. O. D

another fool who has no right to procreate elbows bumping, tempers growing veins bulge in my neck and eyes we’re just a bunch of animals that fuck to survive…

Bigger Than The Devil – S. O. D

since I became the undead spreading my stain on the world from all the slaves I’ve bled carve a swastika into your head dance around a fire wearing goat

The Crackhead Song – S. O. D

take a puff, bring along a friend too a deal you’ll make until you die the marriage made in hell the glass dick you won’t deny savior self not