Performer SADUS

Man Infestation – Sadus

Time… is passing The world… is going straight down the tubes, oh well What man will make of it… time will tell Time Watching all that’s wasting in this

Echoes Of The Forever – Sadus

Whims of short lived mortality Our desperate cries of pity Are carried on winds for eternity And lost in forgotten echoes… forever The more that is known The greater

Throwing Away The Day – Sadus

Pale and dismal life I’ll leave A Time of Emptiness That surrounds me Waiting just for Life to be Seclusion into the Mind Involuntary Refuge A Period in Time

Twisted Face – Sadus

There’s no rest, endless Race It’s too late to save your Face From the twisted sons of Hate In your brain, the vein of Pain Causes you to twist

Certain Death – Sadus

Brain Contusion Sight and short of Breath Heartbeat pounding, Pulse is slowing Light has turned to Black Excruciating Agony Have you lost your Will to Live? Perpetuating Destiny It’s

The Black – Sadus

A putrid Cloud – Choking all within Results of Progress, A noxious Waste – Floating in the Air Living free? Chemically So now our World is fading into slowly

Mask – Sadus

Plastic sense of value to go with your plastic way of life Your self-righteousness is corrupted by your tendencies to avoid your lies Paranoia – Hypocrite – You burn

Facelift – Sadus

Dividing Inside Dwelling on the Lies They made to build their Lives Born an Accident In a World where no one Fits A Fact of life for me Starving

False Incarnation – Sadus

It’s not your death developing your fear Deteriorating state, hope is lost Your greed for life is beyond the cost Hoping for advancement, an invention, a cure Because of

Fight Or Die – Sadus

Picked despite his Will To fight for his Country Supposedly Born and Bred to Kill He was afraid to Die To Kill, or to Fight He had the Love

Undead – Sadus

To crawl upon the Land Mutants of the Holocaust Lose their Flesh into the Sand Victims of the wicked World Pray to the evil Shrine Brimstone Churches They all

Images – Sadus

Illusions forming to a substance, manifestation Confused beyond reality, false-fact-fusion Engulfed chaotic interlude, obscure vision When the sick mind is left to rule… Confusion grows, thoughts intertwine Memory is

Hands Of Fate – Sadus

Show no Sorrow Steal their last Breath Hide in the Shadows to seek out my Prey Victim’s Creator leads them away Frustrating Desire to watch the Victim die The