I Buy American Records – Saint Etienne

She’s an auburn-haired girl / from a town of Spanish sand, / and she wades through Junior High / with a radio in her hand, / and she never

Hobart Paving – Saint Etienne

Do you think a girl should go to bed with a feller, if she doesn’t love him? No. Unless it’s me. I heard she drove the silvery sports-car

Join Our Club – Saint Etienne

(bup bup ba-da bup bup ba-da-da) / Join our club! / (bup bup ba-da bup bup ba-da-da) / Don’t / you / worry `bout a thing. / Teen spirit

Pale Movie – Saint Etienne

Lalala lalalala, / lalalala lalalalala, / lalala lalalala, / lalalala lalalalala. / All of his friends have been wondering / why he spent so long with her; / he’s

Sylvie – Saint Etienne

Seventeen, high-school queen, Yeah you’re pretty cute, I can see. Well you’ve come a long way since September, But, Sylvie, you oughtta remember, You know he’s mine. You know

Mario’s Cafe – Saint Etienne

Cigarette, a cup of tea, a bun. Ooh… / Button up your sheepskin Carraway, / rainy cafe, Kentish Town, Tuesday. / Barry’s looking through the Racing Post,

People Get Real – Saint Etienne

Get on the floor and look real sexy! Saw you, and when I saw you I thought “;This is real, this is real!”; Kissed you, and when I kissed

He’s On The Phone – Saint Etienne

shoes in hand, / don’t make a sound, / it’s time to go. (Ooh-ooh) / Someday (someday), someday. / He’s on the phone, / doesn’t want to go home.

Madeleine – Saint Etienne

I’ve never been to Rome But I don’t need to go I don’t need to go to know Life would be sweet and slow The traffic sign; the washing

Girl VII – Saint Etienne

Sorry about the question marks everywhere! I’ll run to you now from somewhere you won’t find me. A different place, a different time. Together that summer we raised some

Zipcode – Saint Etienne

The comic from the USA Dream ticket for a Saturday Saw an add for a day-glo skeleton Hey Dad had a go about getting them You never there when

Split Screen – Saint Etienne

Today I got up easy You know I’m not a morning person Never said I was leaving I wasn’t sure until this morning Split screen our apartment Where you

4:35 In The Morning – Saint Etienne

Hey baby I’ve been up all night Trying to make sense of my life Day’s breaking Things are getting bright After all this time And any fool could see

Calico – Saint Etienne

Dreamin’ / that you are in my world, / wishin’ / like a little girl. / Watchin’, / closely, / you suddenly appear. / Like a dream, / you’re

Leafhound – Saint Etienne

I wish they wouldn’t laugh. I’ve been driving for some time / and the towns look the same. / This town feels very different, / as though I’ve been

Hug My Soul – Saint Etienne

Ooh, / what are you thinking of? / Boy, / what are you dreaming of? / (Anyway,) / I run around the streets to find you, / shout your

Former Lover – Saint Etienne

Milan, / when I was a kitten, / we’d sit and sing old songs. / Milan, / when I was a kitten, / we’d sit and sing old songs.

Like A Motorway – Saint Etienne

He’s gone, / he’s gone. / She wears sad jeans / torn at the waistband. / Her pretty face / is stained with tears. / And in her right

Archway People – Saint Etienne

You asked me to make a record of my voice. Well here it is. What you want me to say is “;I love you.”; Here’s the truth. I hate

Avenue – Saint Etienne

A lemonade. Oo-oo-ooh, / young heart. / Oo-oo-ooh, / young heart. / Oo-oo-ooh, / young heart. / ba-ba-da ba-da ba-ba-ba-da… Pass me the suitcase,