Performer SALAD

Motorbike To Heaven – Salad

I’m gonna slice a lemon in two And when the charcoal’s burning bright We’ll be there, in heaven I’m gonna fly my motorbike to you I don’t know why

Terrible Day – Salad

Cos he’s left you feeling blue All alone all alone all alone – you’re all alone All alone all alone all alone – the seeds are sown Well the

Yeah Yeah – Salad

It’s snowing now, the air is growing cold I rubbed the dirt and stared in through the windowpane I almost lost my mind – ooh yeah They take you

Foreign Cow – Salad

Her sky is as high as sky The apple of her eye She doesn’t even try She knows she’s a foreign cow She knows it and how She knows

The Sky’s Our Terminal – Salad

Coitus interruptus Tried to leave the world free spinning Someone surely stopped us Wait a day Second engine is OK Here we go again One more delay Couldn’t think

A Size More Woman Than Her – Salad

But it means so little without you Hold my hand and we’ll feel better Let’s go outside as the sky goes redder Other girls don’t do it this way

NЎг1’s Cooking – Salad

Except the girl with the funny tattoo on her ankle Funny tattoo on her knee, (I wish it was me) Money and pleasure make me tick, Enough to make

Wanna Be Free – Salad

But you can’t cos you’re looking at me Hold you tight in my arms and you’ll see I am the one Awake in sweat, the air is hot and

Written By A Man – Salad

He’ll never cease to amaze you And every time he makes you smile He’ll never cease to please you So get a boy as a toy He’ll never cease

Muscleman – Salad

Muscle up to him, He’ll let you rub his tan He’s a muscleman, Such a muscleman Muscle in with him, He’ll let you hold his hand I’m now an

Cardboy King – Salad

The conversation with his mother Then take his place inside the box And plaster one wall then the other Pictures do the work of words Adverts for the modern

Namedrops – Salad

You get on a bicycle And bend the frame Samson in a cage Gave him some wine and Danish Man, was he depraved Raindrops, teardrops Give me some real

U. V – Salad

The 60’s borrowed 20’s fashion I’ve lost all sense of city taste I’ll pick out all my favourite garms And wear them with the tightest passion I’ve lost the

Wolves Over Washington – Salad

It doesn’t realy change Looking up from 5th street The moon’s within your range Space looks good today Take us for a ride I can see the big apple