Performer SALT N-PEPA

Negro Wit An Ego – Salt N Pepa

So? Don’t tell me what I’m doin’ is illegal No, I resort to violence only when provoked Contrary to rumors, I’m no joke If I sound hard it’s because

Boy Toy – Salt N Pepa

S-N-P, hmm, for you Brand New, uh, uh, uh, yeah Chorus: Boy toy, I love you so Temporary lover, never let you go I spend my money on you

Live And Let Die – Salt N Pepa

I only live once so I gotta get right The first time cuz there won’t be a second I’m not in the mood to preach about the wrong of

Friends – Salt N Pepa

Oh someone go on like them ya born to find if I bought them Born for prime star They are my friend, or they are my enemy So you

Tramp – Salt N Pepa

Homegirls, attention you must pay So listen close to what I say Don’t take this as a simple rhyme Cos this type of thing happens all of the time

None Of Your Business – Salt N Pepa

Why you gotta mess with mine? Don’t keep sweatin’ what I do Cuz I’m gonna be just fine – check it out CHORUS If I wanna take a guy

Shake Your Thang – Salt N Pepa

Yeah, oh, you’re lookin’ sweet, baby Yes, indeedy Funky (get down)] We was on a dancefloor shakin’ our thing To a funky beat with a go-go swing Everyone was

Do You Want Me – Salt N Pepa

Never tried to hurt you Some say I’m old-fashioned I like to take my time and do it slow You know with the flow But don’t try to rush

I Desire – Salt N Pepa

Dissin’ all of the opposition MCs, it’s my butt you’re kissin’ Because I desire Yo, wait a minute, chill, I want ya all to hear Why rap is not

You Showed Me – Salt N Pepa

When I was in love with you You showed me many of things, plenty of hard times Then I got up on it but the hard way Out there

Hyped On The Mic – Salt N Pepa

This is my house make yourself at home Now see those chairs? Please just ignore them Believe me, they’ll be no need for them I got a rhyme, and

Let’s Talk About Sex – Salt N Pepa

Yo, I don’t think we should talk about this Come on, why not? People might misunderstand what we’re tryin’ to say, you know? No, but that’s a part of

Silly Of You – Salt N Pepa

Come on, uh, yeah Uh, if ya want some, come and get some Chorus (2x): Well it’s silly of you (To think that I) Would ever take a dive

Get Up Everybody – Salt N Pepa

The mic will sing soon as I touch it Do this smooth and easy like So we might get hyped in here tonight Be nice, relax, MC’s further back

Swift – Salt N Pepa

Then get the heck out Put on your battlin’ gear, but don’t come strapped Bullets are not needed, this time it’s rap for rap I’m makin’ the move, and

Break Of Dawn – Salt N Pepa

Keep-keep it on ’til the break of dawn (Boom-bam-slam) Keep-keep it on Keep-keep it on ’til the break of dawn (Boom-boom-bam-slam) Keep-keep it on CHORUS Keep-keep it on ’til

Solo Power (Syncopated Soul) – Salt N Pepa

Salt was rockin’ the hell out of some of you cats Then I decided to slow down the tempo To let you catch your breath so Just wait for

Blacks’ Magic – Salt N Pepa

Pepa MC, and her first born, whatever it may be] Yo, Spin, once again help me get this crowd on its feet So we can set it off I’ve

Beauty And The Beat – Salt N Pepa

The switch is on, and you start poundin’ Out my radio and pretty soon Salt and Pepa will boom into the room Clap your hands now people, clap hard

Expression – Salt N Pepa

You know life is all about expression You only live once, and you’re not coming back So express yourself, yeah CHORUS Express yourself, you gotta be you and only