Performer SAMAEL

Us – Samael

but what I dreamed is what I am I turned my eyes to see it all to give you what you’re looking for come the force come the wind

Poison Infiltration – Samael

Slow and painful death Subtle and dangerous attack – Brook of scorn – Stream of anger – River of hate Poison infiltrate society Rich and poor Noblemen and beggars

Nautilius Zeppelin – Samael

let me grow in you heart in your mind in your soul anywhere, anytime, anyhow when you want, when you need, when you know I will be there for

Supra Karma – Samael

some come some go get on the air and check your plan if you do try you’ll remember the fine line no one denied unsharing joy is a pain

Together – Samael

can you love as much as you can hate the flame we share is one as you’re aware the needs we burn is the child we never had we

I – Samael

K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0 I All hail, hail me back feel my aim look through me

‘Till We Meet Again… – Samael

And to those who would miss me Life is short, but long in the living Going forth on the uncertain paths of the future Seeking an outlet, a path,

Black Trip – Samael

I’ve lost hope of loving a day of life The shades of night belong to me I am at one with hell Dead inside, I watch the time pass

Rain – Samael

Let It Rain A Day, A Week, A Year Let It Rain A Thousand Years A Day That’s The Divine Answer To All The Shed Tears That’s The Cyclic

Crown – Samael

You will find in mine the scorn and apathy You will read my hatred as in a curs’d book You will see yourself as I see you It is

Rebellion – Samael

Playing the role of slave master of war That is my lot Separated but still united Bound to emptiness, bound to flesh That is my hell Penitent rebel Riding

Mask Of The Red Death – Samael

She is careful and patient shadow Man’s faithful enemy Unceasingly transformed, rebaptized Behind a different mask I know it’s always the same face, Always the same eyes greedy for

Ailleurs – Samael

you meant to get the best and to borrow the rest carrying an omen to save your love and guest be honest to your own self develop your skills

Radiation – Samael

holding tight the key to nowhereland the long time promise at the beginning the origin aren’t we supposed to be bound aren’t we prepared to re-cloned the universe we

Ways – Samael

How long is your life how many ways did you try on don’t need to reach the end when you know what’s there no one knows what’s there… get

Year Zero – Samael

life is a role life is more than it seems enlightened delighted confused or clear today is your day there’s world in a world outside they’re all the same

With The Gleam Of The Torches – Samael

– Everything’s ready – Go and get me fresh meat – We’re thirsty for sacred beverage – Hurry up! I can’t wait anymore the assembly: – Here she is

Blood Ritual – Samael

Sadness of my nights without sleep Anguish to be alone against all Ritual of blood, where a human being Gives his life for mine Spills his blood for mine

The Cross – Samael

in the land of gold in the land of god manipulate the holiness maculate our loneliness shining between two worlds learning to win and hold fraction of monopoly tension