What’s It Gonna Be – Samantha Mumba

No Need To Hide Cos Baby I’m not gonna fight No No Just me and you thats running hard I wanna know what you’re all about Baby Baby Baby

Stand By Your Side – Samantha Mumba

Baby I don’t wanna see another day Without You How Can I even think about anyone else When you’re the only one on my mind I’m gonna stand by

Lately – Samantha Mumba

Just sittin’ away watching the days go by. Have you ever felt a breeze hit your heart. Like the wind was blowing it apart. Had you spinning like a

Never Meant To Be – Samantha Mumba

Never would have thought that this would come to an end How was I to know that you had Another Someone Else I recall the days I loved you

Till The Night Become The Day – Samantha Mumba

Like you’ve been Left Behind Sometimes the light Can Be So Hard To Find Then Someone tells you you’re not strong enough Then Someone tells you you’re not good

Feelin’ Is Right – Samantha Mumba

But Maybe you’re Shy You’ll Never Know If You don’t Even Try it’s now or never You Know It All I Need Is A Sign Boy You Know The

Isn’t It Strange – Samantha Mumba

How life is so real Everytime you meet someone you feel Someone you hold Every night The way that it makes you feel Just A Kiss In The Dark

Gotta Tell You – Samantha Mumba

Your love for me came as a waterfall Flowing inside me like never before Your love for me, something I didn’t see But baby, I know better now When

Body II Body – Samantha Mumba

Mama said Don’t you play around town But I just can’t control myself Picking up that boy tonight Ain’t gonna put him down ’til it feels all right People

Believe In Me – Samantha Mumba

You Gotta Believe In Me You Got Ta Believe In Me Baby don’t You Save Me For Your Rainy Days You Gotta Believe In Me You Got Ta Believe