Performer SAMMIE

Can’t Let Go – Sammie

that girl just got you wrapped around her finger man You bout sweatin’ her, can’t let go (I aint trippin’ man, she just pretty man) You must be crazy

Do It For You – Sammie

Grl what is this magic i feel inside Why cant i breath when your near by My heart is pounding so hard I think of you so much that

Count – Sammie

You didn’t have to leave me baby See I called you today No one picked up the phone As fast as I could girl I ran to your home

Friend Like You – Sammie

On my wall a collection of memories. The county fair, a movie there, A time we don’t remember where The won’t let me forget the time we share You

If I Can – Sammie

Ooh…if I can, baby Yeah Girl, I wanna be, I wanna be When I fell I always knew that we would do well I never thought of you of

Crazy Things I Do For Love – Sammie

I put you in the flyest gear making sure your tight perpertrating making you think every things alright call you on my cell phone even on my Time the

When I Grow Up – Sammie

Ok class, ok everyone settle down everyone settle down um, as you all know we’ve been working real hard on our school’s essay’s done does any body have theirs

Fell For Her – Sammie

Become my best friend I did all I can do To show her different But in the scheme of things I kinda lost my range And I found myself

I Like It – Sammie

Each and everyday. Playing on my love emotions That’s the thing that’s got me open And I don’t know what it takes to let you know You’re my girl,

The Bottom – Sammie

1 – Ooh, ooh yeah From the bottom to the top I got ’em Repeat 1 during intro Yeah, yeah Miami Yeah the place to go Cause we got

Stuff Like This – Sammie

Last Valentine, I gave you candy And you smiled so big that day We walked the park I picked you flowers And we never chilled that way You know

Cathing Feelings – Sammie

mmmm-mmmm-mmmm-mmmmmm Now you wanna catch the feelings (Just a bit older now) Now you wanna catch the feelings Now you wanna catch the feelings (And I wonder why, why)

Hero – Sammie

Definition for a hero Mine just happen to be The ones that brought me Into this world So this song is dedicated to you Dear Mom Gave to me