Performer SARA EVANS

The Week The River Raged – Sara Evans

The river ran through Howard County It was the life blood of the land It make fields of green tobacco Aching backs and callused hands Mama talked of a

You Don’t – Sara Evans

You don’t know what you do When you look at me that way You don’t how my heart breaks Everytime you say my name You don’t see all the

Three Chords And The Truth – Sara Evans

On a highway bound for nowhere I ran my fingers through my tangled hair As I pulled in for another tank of freedom With a hundred miles behind me

There’s Only One – Sara Evans

Ain’t got no money No place to sleep No one has ever been down as me I’m just a stranger trouble at my feet But through all my trials

Four Thirty – Sara Evans

It’s been so long I should be used to this by now Loneliness that keeps coming back around The moon on my window casts a different light On all

Show Me The Way To Your Heart – Sara Evans

I’ve been trying to break down your walls But I don’t know how to get through You say that you want me You say that you need me But

Born To Fly – Sara Evans

About the places that I’d like to see I say, “;friend do you think I’ll ever get there?”; Oh, but he just stands there smilin’ back at me So

Cupid – Sara Evans

Tell Cupid not to point that thing at me One more hole in my poor heart is just what I don’t need I’ve been teased by a fake Burned

Unopened – Sara Evans

There’s a key in a letter unopened Buried back in an old dresser drawer There’s a name stained with tears on that letter One that I’m sure I’ve never

Even Now – Sara Evans

You said when I broke your heart that I’d regret it No one else would love me half as much as you Well I wish I’d listened closer when

I Learned That From You – Sara Evans

I remember the windows rolled down and the wind in my hair Driving ’round in your Daddy’s old Chevy Like we were going somewhere We thought that summer would

I Thought I’d See Your Face Again – Sara Evans

I never wanted to, but I said goodbye to you It happens, people change Sometimes their dreams go separate ways They say all good things must end Still someday

If You Ever Want My Lovin’ – Sara Evans

If you ever want my lovin’ There’s a few things you should do Bring me coffee in the early morning And roses in the afternoon If you ever want

I Could Not Ask For More – Sara Evans

Listenin’ to the rain Smilin’ just to see The smile upon your face These are the moments I thank God that I’m alive These are the moments I’ll remember

Walk Out Backwards – Sara Evans

I’d rather live a life of lies and fantasy Than to face the truth and realize you’re leaving me You built me up so high my heart can’t stand

Why Should I Care – Sara Evans

and you look like you’re in love and why should I care if she looks alot like me, and she’s all you’ve ever dreamed of? I didn’t care enough

I Don’t Wanna See The Light – Sara Evans

There’s a cold wind howlin’ at the trailer door And the wolf that’s been scratchin’ Is coming back for more This quilt that Mama gave us Is the only

Love, Don’t Be A Stranger – Sara Evans

Love I haven’t seen you in a long time Since then I ain’t been worth a dime Hasn’t been that long But it feels like years Last time it

Fool, I’m A Woman – Sara Evans

Use to think that I would be so sad. If you ever walked away. Use to think I needed you so bad. Did I say that I’d never leave

No Place That Far – Sara Evans

I can’t imagine, any greater fear Then waking up, without you here, And though the sun, will still shine on, My whole world, would all be gone, But not