In My House – Sarah Connor

Boy, you can just best believe I’m the only girl in your life I’ll be your sugar in the morning And the sweet stuff U need at night And

Every Little Thing – Sarah Connor

Whenever you go away from me Go out with your friends I see that there’s something in your eyes And it looks just like a lie Didn’t I give

1 And 1 Equals 2 – Sarah Connor

One and one is two And the one for me is you Only you It’s every time I see you I know I have to have you

Magic Ride (Whatever U Wish 4) – Sarah Connor

Come on let me take you on a magic ride Boy I wanna show you better ways to fly Whatever you wish for I’ll do it for you All

The Loving Permission – Sarah Connor

This time I don’t wanna go out Let’s just stay inside And look what we can find If we only try To make each other feel right It will

From Sarah With Love – Sarah Connor

For so many years we were friends And yes I always knew what we could do But so many tears in the rain Felt the night you said That

I Wanna Touch U There – Sarah Connor

Oh baby when the night Falls on you and I I wanna be with you and share each breath you’re breathing And I want your heart Want it pressed

Can’t Get None – Sarah Connor

U like the cars, U want the stars no no no still can’t get none U watch me ball, with all my dogs ya mad cuz ya can’t get

Just One Last Dance – Sarah Connor

We meet in the night in the Spanish cafй I look in your eyes just don’t know what to say It feels like I’m drowning in salty water A

I Can’t Lie – Sarah Connor

So many times I had imagined you You were a dream waiting to come true I’ve never made this kind of wish before But then again I never wanted

Why Does It Rain – Sarah Connor

verse 1 Summertime has come and gone I had you here by my side The autumn wind was blowing strong I grabbed your arm, held you tight bridge Now

Living To Love You – Sarah Connor

Two lovers strolling in the park But like they say the world keeps turning As the leaves were falling we should fall apart Now I’m waiting for the winter

I Want Some Of That – Sarah Connor

First time I saw you you looked at me and I could barely breathe couldn’t keep my eyes off you there was something in you that did something to

Sweet Thang – Sarah Connor

I don’t care about diamond rings All the money won’t make me sing Lovin’ you’s my mission You’re born to be my sweet thang I don’t care about superstars

A Ride In The Snow – Sarah Connor

chorus Let’s take a ride in the snow No need to know where we go Get on a sleigh thru the night The feeling’s merry and bright Let’s take

If U Were My Man – Sarah Connor

If you were my man, I could be your fantasy And if you were my man, I’d give you sweet ecstasy Yes if you were my man, what I’d

French Kissing – Sarah Connor

Come on, you say you love me I make you believe that it’s love you receive Like a thief I just take what I need And when we’re going

Make My Day – Sarah Connor

Found a note layin’ on the bedroom floor Read it and felt my emotions start to soar It said, “Follow all the signs that lead ya down the hall

Be Thankful – Sarah Connor

part 1 Be thankful just for what you’ve got If love’s your guide, you’ve got a lot ‘Cause power here on earth goes by Forget your fear, no need

That The Way I Am – Sarah Connor

I know just who I be, I know just what I need Don’t need no sympathy, I just wanna live my life ґCause life is so beautiful in my