The Necrofiliac – Sarcofago

Satan lives in his eyes. A creature from no land, cross his way and you will die!!! He’s the evil one Prowling through endless nights, to his victims, suffering,

The Phantom – Sarcofago

a stigmatized child was born legends and fables are told the truth nobody knows A humble child with (a) weak mind goodness in his heart Does goodness exist? revolution

Plunged In Blood – Sarcofago

bursting out my head. The wind blowing with anger, sunshine can’t warm me, an intense cold runs through my spine. Only loneliness in my wondering soul. The despair is

God Bless The Whores – Sarcofago

but all with the same fire burning between their legs. God bless the whores by all their cares God bless the whores by the nights of sodomy. A compulsion

Little Julie – Sarcofago

So pure and dirty is my passing for you In my secrets I got my torment Why did you leave me when I put you my love? Back to

The Worst – Sarcofago

that we think is impossible to be crossed. The world seems to conspirate against us, parents and friends close their eyes to us. When you think that everything is

Army Of The Damned (The Prozac’s Generation) – Sarcofago

and everything is going bad. You can’t support the pression in your head. There is clouds of tormentsin your heart, let me say something: You are not alone in

Midnight Queen – Sarcofago

Still a child she started to work She never had time for school Had a boyfriend, young, Unemployed, wasted and stoned Expelled from home for moralistic reasons She started

Tracy – Sarcofago

Can be hidden cruel desires Sodomy, blood, death and sadism It’s so good to turn them into reality Tracy you hurt me and broke my heart Don’t giving me