Ultimate Rush – Saukrates

(Rock) Hi Alcatraz Some call him Rock, yo One shot’ll make ya jump like House of Pain or Kriss Kross Playing hop scotch I got the? marks? baby Even

Check For Me – Saukrates

Uhh Yeah, yeah Uh, yeah Suzy, Suzy She tried to do me Like some kind of male flousie, groupie even Kicked it to her on one hot summer evening

Keep It Movin’ – Saukrates

A ha, Capital Hill {Xzibit} Yeah, sit back and smoke a fat one. Yeah, pronto. Look from Los Angeles to Toronto. I heard that Big Sox got

Can’t Touch Us – Saukrates

My time to shine, now. I got the floor now (Okay, alright. Go man) Let me take conrol. A lot of niggas, a lot of niggas out here don’t

Fineline – Saukrates

To all those congested, my job raw never clean A toast to the uncontested, murderer I mark your mistake as soon as you’re rested, I heard of ya Unattended

Body Language – Saukrates

{Hear this} {Let me just say this} {You’re a very pretty girl} [You

Innovations – Saukrates

Yo, I’m roaming one man deep, combin the streets And beatboxin, like the field niggas, singin hymns pickin cotton Wit massive watts and tickle eardrums wit pleasure Every single

Rollin’ – Saukrates

Ha, ha Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ Ha, ha Rollin’ Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ Money makes the world go round So watch a nigga Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ Money makes

Da Proffesional – Saukrates

I woke up at noon still aching from the previous Job I had to do last night, shit was serious Got up out my bed, and picked up my

Money Or Love (Edit) – Saukrates

Is he, is he wild? Yes he, yes he is Is he, is he wild? Yes he, yes he is Is he, is he wild? Yes he, yes he