I Knew I Loved You – Savage Garden

Some things you just don’t question Like in your eyes I see my future in an instant and there it goes I think I’ve found my best friend I

Break Me Shake Me – Savage Garden

But you moved me in a way that I’ve never known You moved me in a way that I’ve never known But straight away you just moved into position

A Thousand Words – Savage Garden

Decaying friendships almost dead And hide behind a mask of lies We twist and turn and we avoid All hope of salvage now devoid I see the truth inside

Santa Monica – Savage Garden

The lazy streets so undemanding I walk into the crowd In Santa Monica, you get your coffee from The coolest places on the promenade Where people dress just so

I Don’t Know You Anymore – Savage Garden

Get away and out of this city Maybe I shouldn’t have called but Someone had to be the first to break We can go sit on your back porch

The Lover After Me – Savage Garden

It’s been seven months and counting You’ve moved on I still feel exactly the same It’s just that everywhere I go all the buildings know your name Like photographs

Violet – Savage Garden

Would you complain that it came too easy? Just like the games with you and me, a resolution hard to see But thats OK cos I don’t see things

Tears Of Pearls – Savage Garden

Probing all the weakness and hurt still left behind And we cry the tears of pearls We do it… oh we do it Is love really the tragedy the

To The Moon & Back – Savage Garden

To justify all the hurt inside Guess she knows from the smiles and the look in their eyes Everyones got a theory about the bitter one They’re saying, “Mamma

Gunning Down Romance – Savage Garden

are just chemical reactions in your brain And feelings of aggression are the absence of the love drug in your viens in your veins Love come quickly Because I

The Animal Song – Savage Garden

And television freak show cops and robbers everywhere Subway makes me nervous, people pushing me too far I’ve got to break away So take my hand now Cause I

Promises – Savage Garden

Listen to the hunter becoming hunted Everyday there’s a million advances Don’t be too forceful you’ll ruin your chances Well don’t you know that time is a broken glass

Universe – Savage Garden

Imagine our clothes are on the floor Feel my caress so soft and gentle So delicate you cry for more But you know baby, you know baby does it

Two Beds And A Coffee Machine – Savage Garden

Slowly she opens the door Check that he is sleeping Pick up all the broken glass And furniture on the floor Been up half the night screaming Now it’s

Affirmation – Savage Garden

I believe we place our happiness in other people’s hands I believe that junk food tastes so good because it’s bad for you I believe your parents did the

Chained To You – Savage Garden

You were leaning in to speak to me Acting like a mover shaker Dancing to Madonna then you kissed me And I think about it all the time Sweet

The Best Thing – Savage Garden

Never want to leave Never want to say what you mean to me Never want to run Frightened to believe You’re the best thing about me Sometimes I feel

Hold Me – Savage Garden

Then maybe we don’t need this Standing face to face Enemies at war we build defences And secret hiding places I might need you to hold me tonight I

Crash And Burn – Savage Garden

And the world has turned its back on you Give me a moment please to tame your wild wild heart I know that you feel like the walls are

Carry On Dancing – Savage Garden

And the groove tonight is something more than you’ve ever seen The stars and planets taking shape A stolen kiss has come too late In the moonlight Carry on,