Performer SAVATAGE

Hard For Love – Savatage

I know you can be found And are you looking for somebody new I know you get around And you’ll like what you’re gonna feel Senses burning luscious meal

This Is The Time (1990) – Savatage

All of our lives we could only wait: It was out of our hands And every war where we took the day, it was all in our heads And

Doesn’t Matter Anyway – Savatage

In the mind of someone, you are now dead What makes it bad is they’re living next door So you’ll need some weapons? That’s what I’m here for! Seems

Blackjack Guillotine – Savatage

Razor sharp Always clean Gotta lie Very wide Once inside she knows what to do She knows what to do Skin tight China white Just another neon life In

Morning Sun – Savatage

Do you see what I see Or could I be the only one Seeing just what I need I envision a different man Than the one I’ve become Pray

Castles Burning – Savatage

With the shadows seething There he stands alone Fools and faith conspire Questions of desire That they never owned Kings without their armor Men without their honor Spit out

The Edge Of Midnight – Savatage

Cause you’re a woman of needs, don’t bite, no, don’t bite Been robbed of your freedom, break the chains and be free Life’s not worth living when you can’t

Anymore – Savatage

Don’t want to look across the waves Instead of seeing hills of water I just see markers on their graves But in the fading of a season To look

By The Grace Of The Witch – Savatage

lonely and scared you’re in fear of your life deadly witch’s crystal sensing your fears my spell is cast on you my little dear do you feel you’re captured

City Beneath The Surface – Savatage

you are all here for this where you must dwell sinners and cheats sit here with Satan and have all your spirits meet oh city beneath the surface above

Tonight He Grins Again – Savatage

Seems I’m my only friend Wander the streets all alone The lost in search of his own Once again I’ve played the clown Used my friends to let him

Ghost In The Ruins – Savatage

I wanna show it Future’s looking good I’ll probably blow it Had some parents once But you’d never know it Bank roll oversize So what if they stole it

Jesus Saves – Savatage

Out of place New Yorker Hung out on the boulevard Sellin’ nickel candies Saving all his quarters Bought himself a cheap guitar Started playing’ bars The kids came in

Turns To Me – Savatage

Looks in the mirror And sees what she wanted to be Safely unknown To anyone near her She sees what she wanted to see And turns to me And

Fight For The Rock – Savatage

You’re here in force tonight Stand up, raise your fist ’cause you believe You will never fade away Rock is here to stay That’s why you’re gathered here tonight

Paragons Of Innocence – Savatage

Into night Into day Into I don’t know you anymore But I stand Where you say Thinking all the time you planned it You’ve been gone away too long

Sammy And Tex – Savatage

It’s been a real long time And your bill’s past due Stop right there Don’t you look away ‘Cause you’ve had your fun Now it’s time to pay Now

I Am – Savatage

If over his little plot he might be king And he finds his present world a little boring There’s no land that is so small that it cannot divide

The Wake Of Magellan – Savatage

Looking out onto the sea It would offer no solutions Only silent company So he took hold of the reasons As he tried to understand But they offered just

Welcome – Savatage

The set is down The curtain’s flown away To all you creatures of the night I say it’s time we play We’ll show you things That in your life