Performer SCANNER

We Start It Tomorrow – Scanner

Right beyond these walls Dark corners where nurses shake the key And quite near just behind my door A soul leaves the corpse I’ll never accept all their reasons

Locked Out – Scanner

They destroyed all of us All my comrades they have gone I’ll endure the pain This hate I cannot tame Sole survivor alone in space I was changed to

Ball Of The Damned – Scanner

Been invited to Lord Barker’s Ball Not aware they would celebrate their fall On the first day red wined flowed their bellies Hundred feet stepped and danced Echoes of

Puppet On A String – Scanner

But the gap is wide open yet So we move straight to the might Far to some demon’s delight, I know Some of them white They always got right

R. M. U. – Scanner

From a place that’s named Galactos Led by R. M. U. Behind our back the unseen focus all-electric fate Avoiding warfare’s deadly tactics Rescue infantry we act superior Like

The Challenge – Scanner

With different names Their works done by mysterious machines Burn their resources Exploit mother earth the next generation will bleed Strange is this world Strange are these folks So

Terminal Earth – Scanner

And our time has come All the stars are calling us back But we can’t leave Ever again Our starship won’t start anymore Never again Will we see our

The True-Stories-Teller – Scanner

Sometimes high, sometimes low A lion in fictitious realms A childish hero – overwhelmed Like the wizard of Oz Part in the world of prose The true-stories-teller was always

Wonder – Scanner

And in my pockets too Hell, I guess there is a giant-hole Where all the cash falls through All I need All I need’s a wonder I need a

Touch The Light – Scanner

Like rain over the land No one knew of their existence If he read no tales Caught our minds tied to our brains With visible chains When they met

Tollshocked – Scanner

Proved true the difference of fire and ice We’ve built a cardhouse waving if the wind blows Lies may walk slowly, but they return as the truth Tollshocked, I’m

From The Dust Of Ages – Scanner

Landed on a world, attacked by gods who sent a storm Now the waters rise so unbelievably And vulcans spit a holy fire and destroy Spit it and destroy

Grapes Of Fear – Scanner

When human debris covered half of the blue ball it was difficult To keep the military alternative weapon From the public and hide the shame from the father’s eyes

Warp 7 – Scanner

There was no starlight Now the rays are blazing in my face I’m the spearhead of the team That’s waiting at my base For the control of that distant

Across The Universe – Scanner

access to all data concerning planet earth control first step of P. E. C. consists of testing android prototypes at different stages of 20th century 39 spain – resistance

Retaliation Positive – Scanner

I am mankind’s dreadful legacy Inheritance of those who fear And you, who look so strange, it seems you go the might So reinforce my iron hull And help

The Law – Scanner

Over their God-given land Following their destination Independent barons Fight behind their king With a sword in their hands’ back to back The law People pray When they ride

The Killing Fields – Scanner

Fighting for their own damnation See the honour and pride in their chests Targets feeding guns There’s too much hate to hear the warning On killing fields where nobody

Buy Or Die – Scanner

She takes the bus, goes downtown She’ll have to give all her money away To buy all the nice things around See ’em on a shopping tour 30 elderly