Performer SCOOTER

Don’t Gimme The Funk – Scooter

This is the spirit that turns me on Radical rhythms you’ve never known One, two, one, two, three, four The cool crew is back Here is the next attack

I’m Raving – Scooter

Put on my raving shoes and I boarded a plane. Touched down in the land where the skies were blue, in the middle of the pouring rain. Everybody was

When I Was A Young Boy – Scooter

C’mon!! Yeah!! We gonna make you loose control!! We gonna make you loose control!! We gonna make you, we gonna make you, we gonna make you loose control!! When

Back In The UK – Scooter

We’re kickin’ up! Once again, we have the plan, Driving you wild, as good as we can! Don’t stop us now, we’re gonna make you move, Raving outside to

Leave In Silence – Scooter

you don’t know what it means to live my life without you. I hope everyday when you pass my way I dare to say a word to you. But

We Take You Higher – Scooter

So jump jump a little higher, jump jump a little higher! Keep it right now!! Ravers, you like it rough! All of you can’t get enough! So jump jump

How Much Is The Fish? – Scooter

Transforming the tunes we need your support if you’ve got the breath back. It’s the first page of the second chapter! I want you back for the rhythm-attack coming

Break It Up – Scooter

where in the world did I get this hurt? I don’t mind, yeah I don’t mind. If you call me bad, call me wrong, call me anything but your

She’s The Sun – Scooter

things getting strange like up an down if you could read my mind it’s hard to find I said I want you back but this is no regret it’s

Rebel Yell – Scooter

Last night my little dancer, came dancing to my door Last night my little angel, came pumping on the floor She said, ‘oh come on baby! I got a

Dancing In The Moonlight – Scooter

No more noise, just silence and the music that’s in my brain. Walking through the night, a different atmosphere. No more noise, just silence and the sound that’s in

Hit The Drum – Scooter

S. C. O. O. T. E. R infect ya! S. C. O. O. T. E. R infect ya! S. C. O. O. T. E. R infect ya! S. C.

Acid Bomb – Scooter

Move on up We’re going to the wild wild side Ready Hey you bomb bomb Hey you bomb bomb Hey you bomb bomb Acid acid bomb (4 times) Yeah

Posse (I Need You On The Floor) – Scooter

but now it’s Scooter who are supa dupa I’m the hard rhymer the track attacker the mic enforcer the chick’s checker I am the law I’m the quarterback of

We Are The Greatest – Scooter

There will be Scooter in the house we gonna rock you tonite and the incredible H. P. is gonna make you feel right. There is Ricky on the case

Don’t Let It Be Me – Scooter

just to put me down. You try to bring me up up up. Confusion all around, yeah. I hear your words and everything you say but nothing is the

I’ll Put You On The Guestlist – Scooter

You must appreciate, all the others imitate Yeah! You’re my crowd and I want you tonite I am sure this tune makes you feel right No discussion, disturbing your

Call Me Manana – Scooter

Keep it up!! Yeah! I used to say when we were starting up. Now I represent. It’s still the busy job. Ready to explore and check the microphone. Now

I’m Your Pusher – Scooter

Scotland posse Sheffield’s gonna rock you once again This is a real monster tune Coming up with the motherfucking bassdrum Let me hear ya Hi yoh yoh yoh Hi

The Age Of Love – Scooter

Rough bad on the case, I wanna hit your face. Music that’s the law, we’re gonna rock the place. Come on! We start it right, so posse hold on