In The Forest – Screaming Trees

Black and white explaining that my eyes are all but sealed Sentimental memories call you back to your life But a vaguely clouded window pane destroys my views tonight

Where The Twain Shall Meet – Screaming Trees

Push against the wooden table A sliver cut no trace of pain I lose its image as it blurs away I feel the rope as it slowly frays (Chorus)

Grey Diamond Desert – Screaming Trees

Cold driving, desert highway line Road keeps twisting slow so I know Recognise the diamonds flashing by Nothing I fear could touch me here Oh Lord, it won’t change

Butterfly – Screaming Trees

The hours and the days While in the sunshine, the sunshine bright I kept you on my mind Cry, cry butterfly Heard it on the wings that you’re going

Even If – Screaming Trees

In the dim light of morning Step inside my room, I’m waiting alone It’s so weird that you’re finally here In the place where you’re going to see All

Orange Airplane – Screaming Trees

Gotta take to the airport where I wanna go Heart beating like a million miles an hour Listening the wind is turning sweet to sour Orange airplane Take me

I See Stars – Screaming Trees

Held in front of what might be The books they all want to tempt me And try to set me free And now I’m on the other side Looking

Seeing And Believing – Screaming Trees

Waiting for you to come along Understand it’s time for a change Now I know I’ve got nothing to say Looking through me like there’s no one there Journey

Nearly Lost You – Screaming Trees

Calling me back to my sin Like the one you knew before Calling me back once again I nearly, I nearly lost you there And it’s taken us somewhere

Flying – Screaming Trees

Hiding out with all the creatures there The dirt is drifting down upon us But my friends would never crack a frown We’re going to the poison planet We’re

Forever – Screaming Trees

No one is walking by my side I believe that if I get off track You’ve got something that can bring me back I go to you now and

End Of The Universe – Screaming Trees

Please leave your mind at the back of the plane Golden dreams that you can’t imagine Never awaits you inside your brain chill today Ten million miles behind you

Too Far Away – Screaming Trees

Your ears don’t hear what I say After awhile you disconnect To set you apart from the pain I walked past you all your life But there is only

Night Comes Creeping – Screaming Trees

The kiss of light upon the stairs Is coming to the doorway But there’s nothing out there Time’s stopped within my mind Same as all the rest behind Everything

Strange Out Here – Screaming Trees

Spring came today Outside your room You were away All the lost hours spent in the cold I didn’t care I dreamed you were there Now I’m counting my

Halo Of Ashes – Screaming Trees

Specter on the wind Waits on me so patiently I no longer can pretend Sky lies a thousand mile below Stars shine and the moon is clear With nothing

Shadow Song – Screaming Trees

We’re closer now than I would want to be They think it’s easy if you just imagine Before the dust will trip you up again Choose the way that

Flower Web – Screaming Trees

Storms crowd your daydream scene what will you find We’re not alone when it’s the two of us Sleep comes to haunt the hours passed behind When you put

Traveler – Screaming Trees

Go easy on my mind cos you’re this dream I’m hanging’ on And I’m trying’ to meet the dawn And the longest way I traveled From the darkness to

Smokerings – Screaming Trees

Looks like they’re never coming back again A sideways street till we reach the end Wishing all the while that I’d never been here Feeling like the leaves and