Performer SEAN PAUL

Gimme The Light – Sean Paul

yea yeah Jus Gimme the light yo yo Jus Gimme the light dont say it jus gime the light sean paul Jus gimme the ligh and let’s start

Top of the game (Ft. Rahzel) – Sean Paul

(Beat Box) Come Down Sean Paul, Sean Paul, Number one Rahzel, Champion Sean Paul, Sean Paul, Numba One Sean Paul, Champion Numba one, Champion It’s the return of

Punkie – Sean Paul

Hot sexy punkie, me punkie Gal me see say that you want me, you want me And it no matter wa you man a say, man a say Cause

Punkie (Espanol) – Sean Paul

you must be thinking me come from spanish town, spanish town, spanish town Take this! Hot sexy Punkie, mi punkie (the right line here) Gal se nota

Never Gonna Be The Same – Sean Paul

Wi come to terms wid di sadness wi bear Missin di times wi never get to share Whoa whoa, whoa whoa, whoa whoa, whoa whoa Just a few words

Concrete – Sean Paul

A the gal them international dj comin’ Through, so yow! Respect due all the man Them inna the street but the gal inna me fleet Woman you physique

We Be Burnin’ (Recognize It) – Sean Paul

Just gimme di geez and we be clubbin yo (Clubbin yo!) Gal a mek we please and we be tuggin yo(tuggin yo!) Sippin aniceed? and we be bubblin yo

My Name – Sean Paul

Sometimes I hear you calling out my name, And I hear you deep down inna mi brain, If I’m a fool I’ve only got myself to blame, Well I

We Be Burnin’ – Sean Paul

Just gimme di trees an make ya smokin yo (clubbin yo) It a mek we please so don’t provoke it yo (provoke yo) sippin in deh sea an we

Head In The Zone – Sean Paul

Yeah well everyting nice yuh know (Send on!) Pass two case of Smirnoff Ice yuh know (Send on!) Christ (yo yo) alright, yo yo, yo yo Jazzy T? (Sean

Can You Do The Work (featuring Ce’Cile) – Sean Paul

Sean Paul: Bwoy Ce’cile, I see it clear yuh know, mi need ya yuh know Ce’cile: Pleeeaaaaseeee!!! I got a man ok Sean Paul: Yeah but mi neva hear

Shake Dat Thing – Sean Paul

Yeah! Well dey a hav some bwoy a gwaan like dem a gal short (Dem a get caught) Yuh bwoy a dem mind a nuh too sharp Yuh dun

We’ll Be Burning – Sean Paul

Just gimme di trees and mek we smoke it yo (smoke it yo) It don’t mek we please so don’t provoke it yo (voke it yo) We nuh need

International Affair (featuring Debbie Nova) – Sean Paul

Well in come di ting dem a call di ol’ to di new Dun know a say Sean-A-Paul a get it fi new Mike Ranson and

Ganja Breed – Sean Paul

Man a ganja breed Me get high pon me chronic til me eye dem a bleed De coke head a nah we speed Ah just me ways inna me

I’m Still In Love With You (featuring Sasha) – Sean Paul

a sean paul and sasha> come sing for dem baby Boy you make me holler boy you make me sweat I can’t get your tenderness I can’t live

Get Busy – Sean Paul

Shake that thing Miss Annabella Shake that thing yan Donna Donna Jodi and Rebecca Woman Get busy, Just shake that booty non-stop When the beat drops Just keep swinging

Like Glue – Sean Paul

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, feel dat trend now, yeah yeah Sean-A-Paul, so mi go so then Chorus: Well I don’t really care what people say I don’t really watch

Trinity – Sean Paul

My main aim is to maintain Beyond 2005 stay alive cause a warfare Stay clear of the brain drain Cause di system design wit a oily pitfall And be

Shout (Street Respect) – Sean Paul

Hear you shout Dutty then a tell them once again yow! Sly them a tell them once again hey yow! Sean Paul and we a tell them once again