Performer SEANCE

The Blessing Of Death – Seance

For those who fear the dark Shall always be blessed Those who live thru spells Restless death will taste Born dead the promised Land of salvation The sickened coming

Reincarnage – Seance

Burn, fire, burn – cleanse this place with flames I despise thy faithful lie – alone you will live in shame Tears fill my dying eyes – for innocence

Necronomicon – Seance

The moon it burns – deeply in my eyes As I peacefully lay – anxious to die With every breath – I feel myself grow weak The words escape

Inferna Cabbala – Seance

Be thy will, Omighty god of the earth, sky and sea Risen have I, from below And come forth unto thee Ref.: Undead resurrection dawns Awake the slumbering powers

Fornever Laid To Rest – Seance

High noon and I’d sell my soul for water Three days lost in this burning hell I beg you – master – baal – help me (Solo: Tony) I

Sin – Seance

The time is right the ecstasy starts to increase Internal reaction hallucinal disease The priest is here gives him what he needs Must spread the faith the most decadent

Haunted – Seance

Finale hour you will pay – for your love to mystics Trembling, you kiss – your carved crucifix This day will witness my unholy death I smell the whispering

Who Will Not Be Dead – Seance

Alone – I have been left Contamination Fear – of what’s to wait Global hesitation My time is over – I’ll breathe my final breath Lying skinnaken – in