Performer SEETHER

Got It Made – Seether

I’m never gonna give you in no, not again cause I’ve wasted all I’ve known to watch it fade and slip away now from my hands what I have

Needles – Seether

to let you in again, or forgive you Im sick of feeling like i need you knowing i never did, but i miss you Taking and breaking and hating

Sold Me – Seether

I see somethings out of place You tasted all my purity Now there’s nothing left to waste The feeling gets so in my way It’s getting lost in my

Broken – Seether

I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away I keep your photograph and I know it serves me well I wanna hold you high and steal your

Plastic Man – Seether

I’m losing heart again. Wish I could show you what you think I’m made of. Someday I know I’ll find my place. Someday I know this pain will fade.

Truth – Seether

Though I’m closer to wrong I’m no further from right And now I’m convinced on the inside that something’s wrong with me Convinced on the inside, you’re so much

Your Bore – Seether

Like I’m the one who’s there to bore you now It’s always gonna be this way Get the fuck away ‘Cause I can’t seem to show you what you

Pig – Seether

Haven’t you said goodbye to the one on who your life depends? Could it be that I don’t wanna save you anymore? Could it be that we don’t have

Take Me Away – Seether

You fuel the lost desire I no longer wanna die Take me by the hand And see beyond the lie Strip away the fences Leaving me needing Leaving me

Out of my Way – Seether

Out of my Way! I can’t pass up this opperunity, to make myself observed. I can’t pass up this oppertunity, to let myself be heard. Would you, like to,

Fade Away – Seether

I wanna catch you when you fall I wanna be the one you need I wanna be the one you breathe Today’s the day we’ll fade away, oh Today’s

Burrito – Seether

Give this to someone else My hands are stained with scum Wish I could wash it away You keep taking, taking away And keep breaking, breaking, breaking I can’t

I’m The One – Seether

She’s only seventeen Her daddy said “well that’s enough of that come be my little queen” And now he’s touching her wrong again He’s gonna give her disease He

Diseased – Seether

Oh my how strong you are And feast your eyes on my disdain And hope this one won’t scar I will never belong to you, again I will never

Hang On – Seether

Wish I was someone else My hands are stained with love Wish I could take it away I hid behind the shell In time the pain will melt My

The Gift – Seether

Like I never wanted anything I suppose I’ll let this go and find a reason I’ll hold on to I’m so ashamed of defeat And I’m out of reason

Simplest Mistake – Seether

It’s something I am ill-prepared to remedy But let it slow the time It takes to die and close your eyes to your enemy Defy! Self-made millionaires won’t take

Broken (featuring Amy Lee) – Seether

(Verse 1) I wanted you to know That I love the way you laugh I wanna hold you high and steal your pain… away I keep your photograph And

Sympathetic – Seether

As I’m fading away against the wind And the words you left me linger on As I’m failing again now, never to change this And I’m sympathetic, never letting

Fine Again – Seether

and I’m left to discover on my own It seems like everything is gray and there’s no color to behold They say it’s over and I’m fine again, yeah